Update April 15, 2020
We are switching to Teams which is an app in your Office365 suite. You can open Teams from your "waffle" and select the 7th grade SIGNET Team. Each week you will find a different Math challenge and a new "Think- Dig Deeper - Discuss" Language Arts or Social Studies lesson. In addition please continue work on the Flipgrid assignments I have sent you links to. Please check your email for those  links. Continue working on your Centers which are accessed through your OneNote Class Notebook. 

         Update: March 13, 2020
Please go to your Edmodo account for access to centers, class plans, and messages about your learning and assignments.
Remember that you will first log into your Office365 account then open your Edmodo account as a single logon through Office365. 

Welcome to 7th grade SIGNET.

In 6th and 7th grades, SIGNET students will receive Resource Room services through the Encore rotation, which means that their SIGNET class will appear on their schedule under the name "Independent Study," as a Quarterly class. The best way to tell if your child has been scheduled for SIGNET is to look for the teacher's name. If you see the names "Keck" or "Harmon" then that is a SIGNET class. WElcome

Park and Updegraff Play: Too Nice to be Mean

Other picture from play: Too NIce to be Mean
Another scene from Too Nice to be Mean

Scene from play, Lost and Found
Scene from Lost and Found by Sonali Cole and Taylor Robinson

Another scene from Lost and Found

Scene 1 in proper Playwriting Format

Share Document on OneDrive to create a Collaborative document

Sept 19

Writing Scene 1 in proper Playwriting Format


Sept 20

Peer Edit Scene 1 – make changes


Sept 23

Writing Scene 2

With Partners

Sept 24

Writing Scene 2

With Partners

Sept 25

Introduce Audition Posters Scene 2 DUE

Sept 26


Create Audition Posters Writing Scene 3

Sept 27







Sept 30

Introduce Props & Scenery assignment Conduct Auditions -Writing Scene 3

Oct 1

Conducting AuditionsWork on Props & Scenery -Writing Scene 3

Oct 2

Conducting Auditions Work on Props & Scenery Final Revisions Completed Script is DUE

Oct 3


Props & Scenery

Oct 4


Props & Scenery

Oct 7


Work on Props & Scenery

Oct 8


Work on Props & Scenery

Oct 9

Play # 1


Play # 2

Oct 10

Play # 3


Play # 4


Oct 11


Work on Props & Scenery

Oct 14

PD Day – No school for students

Oct 15

Play # 5 and 6


Play # 2

Oct 16

Play # 7 and 8


Oct 17

Oct 18