4/20/2020 Lesson 1: Sound Track of My Life

Hello ladies! Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. I am attaching a hyperlinks for your first e-lesson. The lesson will not open up until 4/20/2020 at 8AM and will close at 11:30PM on 4/26/2020.

For this lesson I want you to tell me what 10 songs you would have be your soundtracks of your life and FOUR FULL sentences as to why you chose that song. You must write down the Title of song, Artist or composer and your three full sentences explaining why you choose that piece to describe it.

(Theme examples: A song for when you feel happy. A song that reminds you of your child hood. A song that signifies the most important thing that has happened to you so far.)

***Make sure you choose songs you like, you will have an assignment which will require you to sing one of them***

Please email me if you have any question! Also check your emails and my Instagram for the #MusicChallenges

Sound Track Of My Life