Exploratory Drama I - Grade Six

Gainesville Middle School

Mrs. Peggy Hyde


Description:  Students will have an opportunity to study numerous areas of theatre, learn basic terms, and perform simple plays in a nine week term.


Objectives:  Display skills in basic acting techniques

                     Rehearse and perform simple plays

                      Use basic theatre terms

                      Use basic stage directions

                      Use Costumes to create character

                      Design Simple sets

                      Explain and use Production process


Class Outline:  Setting the stage

                        Developing stage characters

                        Using Imagination

                        Production preparation

                        Behind the scenes



Required Notebook:  A folder is provided in class for all classwork


Grading Scale:  Students’ grades will be based on their performance in the following areas: 

Class participation, class assignments, quizzes, written assignments, and performances. 


A   90-100     B  80-89   C  70-79   D  60-69   F   59 and lower


Policies:   Assignments and readings reinforce class discussions.  This includes reading and writing assignments as well as planning and preparation for performances.  When work is given to students it is their responsibility to fulfill the assignment so credit can be given for their work.  Students also are responsible for finding out what assignments were missed during absences.   


Students are expected to behave at all times in accordance with the code of conduct outlined in the school handbook.  Students will be held accountable for any infractions of these rules.


Teacher Communication:  The best way to reach me is via e-mail hydeps@pwcs.edu. I also can be reached at school on 703-753-2997.


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