Calvin and Hobbes Joke about math class

Welcome to Team Newton's Geometry! 

In order to retake a test this year,

Student Must Complete the following:


  1. Test corrections complete with accuracy,

  2. Extra practice (IXL or worksheet)

  3. Parent’s signature

  4. Student signs up for a date to retake test (after they have completed the requirements)

This year we will be covering:

Tools of Geometry
Angle Relationships and Parallel Lines
Angle Relationships in Circles
Triangle Relationships
Congruent Triangles
Similar Triangles
Right Triangles and Special Right Triangles
Segments in Circles
Quadrilaterals and Polygons
2-D Figures
3-D Figures

This year's syllabus is uploaded in the folders at the bottom of this page. All supplemental materials will be available in folders on my SLMS page. In order to find this, just choose the first option under the "Teacher Team Pages" link, and login like we did in class!

Class Materials
* A 1" - 2" binder
* Lined paper
* Index cards
* Compass
* 1 pack of pencils (for classroom donation)
* Dry Erase Markers
* Writing utensils (pens or pencils)
*Tissue box (to be donated to the classroom)
*Colored pencils, scissors and paper (can be shared with other classes)