Thursday, June 4th:
Awesome job with the Mystery Powders Gizmo!  This week you're receiving a DOUBLE assignment, one for this week and one for our last assignment 6/11 (which you're receiving early so you can start working on it).  This week's assignment gets down to the molecular level of endothermic and exothermic reactions.  It's awesome!  The Gizmo is called, Feel the Heat.  You'll be watching bonds break and form during chemical reactions, and you'll be looking at the flow of energy.  Helpful tip:  Use the pause button!  Chemistry is FAST!  Next week's assignment is a "choice" matrix...essentially you get to choose what you want to do for the very last assignment.  So fun!

We will NOT be holding a zoom meeting on Thursday next week, as I'll be at GVMS helping with the distribution of 8th grade student materials.  Please know that these last two assignments are due on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10TH.  I know it's been a strange end to this year, but I sure have enjoyed teaching you guys, and I'll miss you all.  Have an awesome summer!

-Mr. M

Mr. McIntyre

Mr. McIntyre
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