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Class Description:  
In 7th Grade Social Studies students will explore American History and Geography from 1865 - Present Day.  Our curriculum will cover:  Reconstruction, Westward Expansion, Industry and Immigration, Spanish American War, World War I, 1920's and Great Depression, World War II, The Cold War, and The Civil Rights Movement.

April 2020
OFFICE HOURS: Hello all!  Just FYI, my office hours where I will be able to be reached instantly by email or able to catch up by Microsoft Teams will be on Wednesdays from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm.  

Hello Students!  Hopefully everyone is doing well and staying safe!  Starting this week, I will be putting weekly activities in the “Work From Home” Folder on this site.  Please be aware that these activities are OPTIONAL. 

Also, these activities will NOT be taken for a grade!  The materials will be from previous units, all the way through the beginning of World War II that we had just covered.  You can use them as a chance to review and enrich the things we have already learned, or just find out some new stuff that may be interesting!  To find out all the topics we have already covered during the year, check out the Social Studies 7 - calendar.


March 2020 - Our textbook and other useful information can be found in the "Work at Home" folder.  I have been e-mailing out a "Greatest American" bracket challenge.  If you are not getting the e-mails, please contact me at

Class Schedule:  
1st Period: 8:10 - 9:07
   2nd Period: 9:09 - 10:06
3rd Period: 10:08 - 11:06
6th Period (Advisory Team Time):  1:21 - 1:50
7th Period:  1:52 - 2:50

Mr. Apel's Email:

Class Materials:
Students should bring to class everyday:
1.  3-ring binder
2.  Pencil
3.  Agenda

Re takes and extra help
Students can retake quizzes and quick check during team time. 
Team time is also the best time for students to get extra help on assignments, if needed.
1st period on Mondays or Fridays
2nd period on Tuesdays
3rd period on Wednesdays
7th period on Thursdays