6/3/20 Announcement: We will have an end of the year Zoom June 9th at 11 am. It is a bring your own snack party. We will close out the year and play a few games. Please check student email for more information. I hope to see you there!
5/18/20:Announcement: For this week and next week, there will not be a Zoom meeting on Tuesday. However, I will have a Zoom this Thursday and next from 2-2:30 pm. Please check student email for more information.

5/13/20: Announcement: Tomorrow there will be Zoom office hours from 2-2:30 pm. We will be reviewing compound and complex sentences. Please bring a piece of paper and/or your writing from last week. See you there!

5/1/20: Announcement: I hope you and your families are well. We will have one Zoom office hour next Tuesday, May 5th. This will not be broken down into class periods. My Zoom office hour on May 5th will be from 10:30-11am. 

4/28/20 Announcement: On Thursday the 30th, I will hold a Zoom office hour from 2:30-3pm This is for any student that has questions about virtual learning. We will also have a rematch on the Quizlet Live for text features.

4/22/20 Announcement: There will not be any Zoom office hours tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd. Instead, I will have office hours over email. So, please email me any questions you have on Virtual Learning Week #2. Please check student email for more information.

4/13/20 Announcement: Ms. Raso will be holding office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays for any questions students may have on the week's review. She will still be checking emails during weekdays too. 
These office hours will take place on Zoom, and will be broken down into class periods. There will be one ten minute Zoom session on these days for any additional questions/ if a student cannot make it to their class period's assigned Zoom meeting. 
Office hours are as follows: 
10-10:15 1st Period 
10:20-10:30 2nd Period 
10:40-10:55 3rd Period 
11-11:15 7th Period
11:20-11:30 Any student of Ms. Raso who could not attend prior class meeting

1:30-1:45 1st Period 
1:50- 2:05 2nd Period 
2:10-2:25 3rd Period 
2:30- 2:45 7th Period 
2:50-3:00 Any student of Ms. Raso who could not attend prior class meeting

Starting this week: virtual learning files will be organized by week in the work at home folder. This is virtual learning week #1. Our learning focus is genre identification, connotation and denotation.

3/30/20 Announcement: During school closure I have uploaded optional resources. These resources are under Files/ Documents/ Work at Home. You will see a list of potential middle grade titles for your students to read. There is also a set of Quickwrites for them to respond to. I will provide feedback on any student work I receive. 

Welcome to Ms. Raso's page for Language Arts 7!  

Class Goals
1. Have fun! 
2. Increase amount of time spent reading. 
3. Encourage writing as a means of communication, and self-expression. 
4. Prepare for 8th grade!  

About Me: 

Teaching is an absolute passion of mine! I am so excited to work with you and your child!  It’s going to be a year full of fun, learning,  and lots of adventures and I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us! I thought you might like to know a little bit about me.

I am  originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I went to Duquesne University for Secondary Education, English. I am currently pursuing my Master's in Curriculum & Instruction from Penn State.  

This will be my third year teaching in Prince William County. I love teaching middle school, and specifically 7th grade. It is my mission to instill a love of learning in my students. I attempt to teach with a passion for English Language Arts so that my students become life-long learners. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach me by email at rasokm@pwcs.edu 

Class Schedule:
Period 1 8:10-9:07 
Period 2: 9:09-10:06 
Period 3: 10:08-11:06 
Team Time/Advisory: 1:21-1:50
Period 7: 1:52-2:50

Book Fair: September 24th

Memoir/ "Watermark Event" Writing Due September 30th 

  1. A binder 
  2. A free-choice book 
  3. A composition notebook