Week of June 8: This week I did not post new assignments. If there is something you want to work on from the previous weeks, please send it to me. I wanted to thank all the students and parents who did some assignments and sent them to me over the past couple of months. This has been a crazy time for all of us and I really appreciate those of you who worked on some science. I really miss seeing the students ,and our Gainesville family and I wish you all a safe and happy summer. 

Week of June 1st: As always many thanks to all who sent me evolution work. I enjoyed seeing your PowerPoints and activities. This week we tried to put together an activity that uses the scientific method to look at an ecological problem. I hope you enjoy it.

Week Of May 26th folder: Once again thanks for sending me models of photosynthesis and mitosis. I really enjoyed seeing your creativity and knowledge!
This week the focus is on evolution. There is in the folder: voice over PowerPoint, an opportunity for you to make a evolution PowerPoint, a activity that deals with genes and natural selection in bunnies (this is probably the one I would do if I were a student) and one about biodiversity through time (this one is good but the spreadsheet is really big that goes through different species through time).
I hope everyone is doing ok. 

Week of May 18th Folder. I really enjoyed seeing all the photos of eggs and carrots as they underwent osmosis last week. Thanks to all who participated! This week our focus is on photosynthesis and mitosis. I have placed into the work at home folder under files: voice over PowerPoints to review mitosis and photosynthesis, an out of this world activity about cellular respiration, two choices to make models of mitosis and/or photosynthesis using common household items. I hope to see some interesting ones!

 Week of May 11th folder: Another thank you to all who sent me work on cellular organization last week. I saw some great drawings of the various levels of organization in life. This week is a review of cellular transport (osmosis and diffusion). We have included in the work from home folder: a voice over PowerPoint that reviews the information, a Word document that reviews the information, a couple simple labs you can do at home (one with eggs and one with carrots), and an online activity about diffusion (this one is a bit advanced but I thought it might be fun to give it a try). Hope everyone is doing well. 

Week of May 4th Folder: A sincere thank you to all who sent me cell models, amusement parks, etc last week- there were some really creative ones that I very much enjoyed looking at!  This week we are focusing on organization in life: cell-tissue-organ-organ system-organism. There are three activities in the folder and a voice over PowerPoint to review. The activities are: 1. an organization mobile 2. an organization foldable and 3. a SkipBio game that might be kind of fun/educational to play. Please continue to share completed work with me as it makes me happy to see but sad that we are not in school. Take care

Week of April 27th folder: Many thanks to all the students who sent me work last week. I enjoyed seeing your work. This week we will be focusing on cells. I have put in the folder several assignment choices about cells: cell theory timeline, cell amusement park, cell model, etc. If you complete any work, please send it to me and I will offer feedback. Stay safe and be well.

Week of April 20th folder: Many thanks to all who made it to our teams meeting yesterday. If you could not make it, no worries. The big picture: the 3rd nine weeks has been extended until April 24th and your yearly grade will be calculated by averaging the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd nine weeks grades. There is no 4th nine weeks and no grades will be taken. Each week I will put a folder on this page under Files that has the work for that week. For the week of April 20th we wanted to focus on Earth Day. Please look over the directions first and decide what assignments you want to complete. There are several choices in each folder. Students should work to the 90 minutes per week rule. Any work completed should be shared with the teacher but it will not be graded. Feedback to the student will be given. 

April 13th update: I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you. I have been planning instruction with the other life science teachers at GVMS. We have come up with a plan to focus on areas that have historically been a bit low on our science SOL tests. Even though we can not teach new material, we have tried to put together some activities that will be worthwhile and educational. I am planning on meeting with any interested students on Thursday April 16th to lay out the plan for the rest of the year in science. To join our meeting, please log in to your office 365 account and click on the waffle (in the top left). From there click on "Teams" and you should see one for science. The times are 10:00-10:15 for 1st period, 10:20-10:35 for 2nd period, 10:40-10:55 for third period and 11:00-11:15 for 7th period. As we get to next week, there will assignments posted each week. Students will have choices as to what they do (and when they do it -just not working over the 90 minutes in science per week), and in lieu of grades teachers will offer students feedback.  My office hours will be Tuesdays from 12:00-1:30. Basically this means I will be on my computer and should respond quickly to you if you have questions, want feedback etc. Our tentative 7th grade science schedule for the year is:
 week of April 13th:team meeting and makeups   (If students want to work on something they can go to the work from home folder under files and find the Characteristics of Life and Domains voice over PowerPoint 2019. This will show me talking over a PowerPoint that reviews the information we were learning in mid March. Students can then choose to do one on the activities in that work from home folder).
week of April 20th: Earth day choices
week of April 27th: cells
week of May 4: Organization in Life (cell, tissue, organ, system, organism)
week of May 11: Cell transport
week of May 18th: photosynthesis/mitosis
week of May 25: evolution
June 1st-end of year: experiments and variables


March 26th update. I know many of you have used IXL for math but I did sign up for the free 30 day trial for science. www.ixl.com/signin/gainesvillems.   You can login here-I am thinking you have all done this but I did try to send an email to each student with their log in password etc. I put some suggested activities in there that are review from what we have done this year. 

March 24th update: For the benefit of 3rd period I did finish House of the Scorpion. The final three chapters read aloud are here under useful links-at the bottom of the page

Updates March 20th 2020. Thank you for visiting my website and having patience and understanding as we all navigate this unique highly unusual time in human history. Please note that none of this work is graded and it will not change student grades in class. Students will not be tested on concepts that we are not in school to teach as of this time. Having said this, I do want to include a few classification things that will review and extend the unit we are currently working on. I am hoping to upload a few youtube videos of myself and give the students some assignments that they might enjoy/learn from at this trying time. Please take a look at the work from home folder (under files) and check out the bottom of my useful links page for some upcoming (roughly done) videos of me going over some concepts. I'll be talking about: characteristics of life (review from cells as they are the smallest living units), classification (review of what was taught it class) and then extending into life's domains and kingdoms. Again, the important thing here is that students try to spend some constructive time learning and thinking and not doing "busy work". None of this work will be assigned a grade and they will not be responsible for knowing it once we return to school. I have two high school kids myself and this is what I expect from them as well. Thank you again and be well. 

Work from Home Classification Notes  March 13th 2020

Hi, it is my hope that we can continue regular in school instruction soon. In the weeks leading to spring break, we will be working on learning targets 16-18 (classification and characteristics of life). I have included several things under files in a new folder that should help you. Obviously, this is not ideal but between these activities and the information on the test retakes (for target 16-18 also on this page under “files”, you should be able to get a pretty good grasp of the material. I would recommend doing the test retakes FIRST as they will help you best learn the required material. Please note that the assignments in this folder are not all required assignments- it is most helpful if students get a basic understanding of the learning targets 16-18. Some students may need to do more of this work, while some may need less in order to show evidence of learning of the targets. Please note that this is precautionary and if things change, I will include updates on my messenger page. 

Stay well and be safe, Mr Maneno

Many thanks to all who helped make our annual science fair a success! The test on evolution (targets 14-15) will be Wednesday, March 4th. The Quizizz code is 657486. The genetics test (learning targets 10-13) will be Friday Jan 31st. review materials will be posted on my messenger page and the QUIZIZZ code will be given out once we get a bit closer to the date. 

The mid year test that covers basics of the year so far will most likely be Friday Feb 7th  (it may change due to weather but we'll have to see).

The big thing coming up soon is the science project/completed paper. The directions are on my messenger page under files (and have been given out in class daily in a large stack). These are due Feb 3rd. Our school science fair will be Thursday Feb 13th. Students who choose to participate will have a permission slip to talk to the judges from 3:00-4:30 and they can ride the 4:30 activity bus or be picked up at 4:15. The fair will be open to the public form 6:30-7:00 and the awards ceremony will begin at 7:00. 

Students have been doing library/computer lab research for the science project paper from Dec 11-20th. The paper is the only part of the project that must be turned in early and the due date for it is Jan 16th. The Science project and final paper are due Feb 3rd. Please see this page under "files" for info about the project and paper that will be helpful. Long term projects should start soon as the Feb 3rd due date fast approaches once winter break is over. 

We are finishing up cell processes (things cells do and will take the unit test on Monday 11/25. This test covers learning targets 7-9. Please see this page for the review sheet with answers (under files)and the Quizziz code is 077926. Quizlet link is under useful links too. In addition, please not that the science project topic approval sheet with parent signature is due 12/2 for 3rd period and 12/4 for all other classes. I have been sharing loads of possible project ideas with students over the last few weeks. Copies of that have been given out and are also under "files" on this page. There are several links with great ideas for projects under files and useful links on this page as well. 

We are finishing up learning targets 5-6 on cells and will be taking the test on October 25. Quizlet is on my messenger page and the code for quizizz is 902106. I will give out science project info 10/18

We are working on cells for most of October. Please be aware that the deadline to retake learning targets 1-4 is Friday Oct 4 (students have two weeks to retakes tests after the original test). The redo information students need to fill out is on this page under "Files"-" test redos 

Team Mercury t-shirts etc are being sold until 9/30. Visit www.tinyurl.com/teammercuryshirts

The first science test will be Friday 9/20. The review sheet with answers will be gone over in class and it is on this page under "files". The link for Quizizz is 679756 and there is a Quizlet link under "useful links".


Welcome to Mr. Maneno's School Messenger page! Please check back  for updates, web links, files, etc. throughout the year.  The class is an introductory life science (biology) class aimed at  middle school learners.Tests will be broken down by standard (see list of abbreviated standards on this page under "files") and students can retake portions of the tests too. The retake sheets for all of the tests are on this page-students just need to print out the sheets, watch the video clips and complete the questions.  These retakes can be found in a folder under "Files" on this page. They must turn the question sheet in to me prior to taking the retest. Students must show me evidence of learning before retaking portions of the tests. Tests must be retaken with two weeks of the completion of the initial test. Retakes will be during team time. Welcome to Team Mercury and Life Science!

Please note that when students view the YouTube clips this policy is in effect 
“Warning! You are leaving the PWCS website. This web page contains links to one or more websites outside the PWCS network, which are not PWCS venues and may not reflect the views or opinions of PWCS. PWCS does not control the content of such websites and does not sponsor or endorse any messages, products, or services contained on such websites.”

Rough Timeline of the 2019/20 Year:
Most of September will be spent on Learning targets 1-4 on the nature of science. From late September through late October students will be learning all about cells-the organelles, plant and animal cells, etc. There are some links on my "Useful Links" page too that are helpful. Cell learning targets are #5-6

From late October - most of November students will be learning targets 7-9 which are about Cell Processes- things cells do (including photosynthesis). Chapter 4 in the science textbook is a good resource if students need additional support. In addition, science project packets will be given out in late Oct/early November. Parent notification is due early November and topic approvals are due early December. 

From early December through January we will be studying genetics/heredity. We will start with mitosis and meiosis and work through Gregor Mendel, Punnett squares and DNA. These are learning targets 11-13.
Please note that we will spend a week in the library working on the 5 paragraph research paper and 3 source bibliography that goes along with the science project the week prior to winter break. The paper and bibliography are due mid January. Long term science projects like growing plants, looking at stars, weather etc should begin over winter break. Please note this year that students are not allowed to culture bacteria at home on agar plates and if they grow mold they should dispose of the samples once mold begins to grow. Each student needs a project display board which I have seen for sale at lots of places including: Michael's, Target, Staples, Office Depot, etc.

The science project and completed paper will be due  early Feb. Our science fair is Thursday Feb 13 2020. We are asking students (if they wish to participate)to stay after school that day to talk to the judges until 4:15. There is a permission slip that will be given out in class and will be on this page under "files". They can ride the activity bus or be picked up. The fair will be open to the public from 6:30-7:30 later that night. 6:30-7:00 will be the viewing of projects and then at 7:00 will be the awards ceremony. 

Most of February and early March will be spent on evolution. Chapter 7 and 8 are a good resource to read over in the textbook if students want to review. Chapter 7 is the more important of the two. Evolution learning targets are # 14-15.

From mid March to mid April we will be studying classification and characteristics of life. Chapter 9 in the at home textbook is a good resource to use. This unit incorporates learning targets 16-18.

From Late April - Early May we will spend time on learning targets 19-20 which are about Biomes (large geographic areas with similar climates and organisms). From mid May-end of year we will learn about ecology. Ecology targets are # 21-23.

Please see the Quizzizz and Quizlet links to help review for tests etc.