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gClass Description:  
In 7th Grade Social Studies students will explore American History and Geography from 1865 - Present Day.  Our curriculum will cover:  U.S. Geography, Reconstruction, Westward Expansion, Industry and Immigration, Spanish American War, World War I, 1920's and Great Depression, World War II, The Cold War, and The Civil Rights Movement.

sWork From Home:  

Updated:  June 12, 2020:

We made it!  It's been a great school year and it has been an honor and privilege to be your teacher!  Thank you for participating in our online learning while we were out of school.  Abraham Lincoln was the winner of the American History challenge!  

For my goodbye messages and other end of school year information, check out the final YouTube episode of Live! with Mr. Fairman:


Please bring me your Fairman $ in the fall when we return to school and I will give you a prize for your money!

Have a great summer and stay safe and healthy!

Mr. Fairman

Previous Updates from Spring 2020:

  Thank you for checking my website! Hope that you are all safe & healthy!  Here are some things to know about working from home while we are out of school:

*The work from Home Folder has been updated with this week's optional (not for a grade) assignment.

*We will not have weekly Zoom meetings for Social Studies.  Please email with any Social Studies questions.

*The standards/learning targets we have already covered can be found in the "Work from Home" folder.

*There are no outstanding assignments from the beginning of March that are due.

*Scroll to the bottom of this website and play the Geography games!  (I don't want you to forget your states, regions, or whatever level of the 50 States Challenge you were on!)

*Follow me on Instagram!  @mrfairman7

*NEW!!!!  Watch my YouTube show:  Live! With Mr. Fairman!  Each episode will include Social Studies updates, special guests, and games that we used to play in class!  Here's the link to the YouTube Channel:


*Office Hours:  If you have any specific questions for Mr. Fairman, my online office hours are Wednesday afternoons from 12:00 - 1:30.  My email address is fairmajl@pwcs.edu and I will get back to you quickly during that time period.

Student Learning Times:  Fridays 10:00 - 11:30. I have been working with other 7th grade Social Studies teachers on a 7th grade historical person activity that will be posted every Friday for students to complete. 

*The deadline for all retakes and make-up work or missing assignments was Friday, April 24.  No work from the 3rd marking period will be accepted after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 24.


 Students are always encouraged to study their notebooks at home to prepare for upcoming quizzes (some announced, some unannounced) www.quizlet.com/fairman7

xMr. Fairman's Email:  fairmajl@pwcs.edu



xEllis Island Website:  
We have been learning about Ellis Island and immigration in the 1800s - 1900s.  Check out the Ellis Island Website to see if anyone related to you came through Ellis Island as an immigrant.

1.  Go to:  www.libertyellisfoundation.org
2.  Click on Passenger Search
3.  Type in your last name to see if anyone related to you came to the USA through Ellis Island.
4.  If you would like to get more information on a person or to look at their ship, here is the login information:
username:  gainesville7@gmail.com
password:  gainesville7

**Hint:  Try typing in your mom's maiden name, grandparents last names that might be different than your last name.  

**Let Mr. Fairman know if you find something interesting!



Students may retake quizzes to improve their grade and show evidence of mastering the learning targets.  Quiz re-takes for any eligible quiz can be retaken during their Team Time 6th Period within two weeks of the original quiz.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete a pink retake form and to turn it in to Mr. Fairman at the beginning of the Team Time period to retake the quiz.  You can also print a retake form from the files section of this website.

Retake Days:
1st Period:  Monday & Friday in 6th Period Team Time
2nd Period:  Tuesday in 6th Period Team Time
3rd Period:  Wednesday in 6th Period Team Time
7th Period:  Thursday in 6th Period Team Time



cClass Schedule:  
1st Period = 8:10 - 9:07
2nd Period = 9:09 - 10:06
3rd Period = 10:08 - 11:06
4th Period = 11:08- 11:58
5th Period = 12:00- 12:50
Lunch = 12:52 - 1:19
6th Period (Team Time) = 1:21- 1:50
7th Period = 1:52 - 2:50

**Need some extra help?  See Mr. Fairman anytime or send me an email!

.Follow Mr. Fairman on Instagram for updates:  @mrfairman7



sLearning Targets:
We are currently covering the World War II Learning Targets.  To Review the targets check the blue learning target page we glued into notebooks.  Also, check the "Files" section on the left of this website for the learning targets.


jStudy and Review from Home!

Quizzes (some announced, some unannounced) will occur frequently throughout the year.  There are 2 ways to study and review your Social Studies material from home so that you're always prepared!  

#1.  Bring home your notebook and review the blue learning targets page, as well as the pages we have glued in and notes that have been taken.

#2.  Click the link below for Online Flashcards!  There are many ways to study using the flashcards on Quizlet.com.  Also, try getting the Quizlet App on your phone for easy ways to study on the go!

Click here for Mr. Fairman's Online Quizlet Flashcards

sNEW online flashcards available:

Want to review Social Studies information from home?  Try out www.quizlet.com/fairman7
Flashcards are available to help you prepare for upcoming quizzes and to review the learning targets.

xHave you been absent?

If you have been absent, be sure to check the make-up work folder in Mr. Fairman's room for assignments you missed. If we took notes, there will be a copy for you to glue into your notebook. 

While you are out, to review Social Studies information, you can study the pages we've glued into the notebook and also go to www.quizlet.com/fairman7 to review the things you have missed in class.

gUSA State Games:

If you'd like to practice getting to know your states from home, check out these games!  They will help you be successful in future map challenges!

Pick The Correct State Game

State Tetris!

Sporcle States

Drag the State! (easy)

Drag the State! (difficult)

USA Puzzle Map with Benjamin Franklin

Conquer The States... Can you beat Mr. Fairman's best score of 42?

GeoSpy States

Earthquake! Label the States!

State Capitals Challenges:

Penguin Hop States & Caps!

Map Click Capitals!

Carnival Capitals

State Nicknames Puzzle

0Class Materials:  
1.  Pencil
2.  Agenda
3.  Glue
4.  3 or 5 Subject Notebook (150 pages, plastic cover, wide/college ruled)
    *Bring all of these to class every day!

iMore Information:  
Click on the "Files and Documents" link on the left to get more information on Mr. Fairman's class!