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Quizizz for Unit 1: scientific investigations review prior to test:
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Follow the same procedure for the following quizizz:

Unit 2: Cell Theory and Cell Structure...967939
Unit 3: Cell Processes...662689
Unit 4: DNA and Heredity (Genetics)...528819
Unit 5: Evolution...006384
Unit 6: Characteristics of Life and Classification...233957

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Unit 1: Scientific Investigations

Unit 2: Cell Theory and Cell Structure

Unit 3: Cell Processes

Unit 4: Genetics

Unit 5 - Evolution

Unit 6 - Characteristics of Life & Classification

Unit 7 - Biomes

Unit 8 - Ecology

Classification Activities:

Dichotomous Key Video

Dichotomous Key Activity Link 1
Dichotomous Key Activity Link 2

Biome Activities:

Blue Planet Biomes
Hover the cursor over the different colors to see the location of biomes around  the world.  Click the different areas for more information.

Mission Biomes
Click on each biome to learn more.  Complete the Missions:  The Great Graph  Match and To Plant or Not to Plant

Kids Do Ecology World Biomes
Click on the Aquatic and Terrestrial Biome names to learn more.

What's It Like Where You Live?
Click on the Biome Names to learn more about Aquatic and Terrestrial Biomes

Arctic Tundra (PBS)
Desert (PBS)
Rainforest (National Geographic)

Enriched BrainQuest

Teen Brain A
Teen Brain A2
Teen Brain B
Teen Brain B2
Teen Brain C
Teen Brain D
Teen Brain D2
Teen Brain E

Cell Cycle Activities

Activity 1: Online Onion Root Tip

Activity 2: Cells Alive: Animal Cell Mitosis

Activity 3:  Mitosis in Real Cells: Whitefish Embryos and Onion Root Tip


Gregor Mendel Reading
Link to Punnett Square How to Video

Evolution Activities

Life Has a History
Getting into the Fossil Record
The Arthropod Story
The Evolution of Flight in Birds
What Did T. rex Taste Like?

Charles Darwin and the Voyage of the Beagle

Cellular Transport Activities:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6

Photosynthesis Activity

Using Excel to Graph

Virtual Squid Dissection