Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it
George Santayana

Course Syllabus

6th Grade US History to 1865
Mr. Demetri

First Quarter Topics

  • Code of Behavior
  • Geography
  • Early North American Cultures 

Second Quarter Topics

  • Exploration
  • Shaping Colonial America

Third Quarter Topics

  • American Revolution
  • New Nation
  • Westward Expansion and Reform

Fourth Quarter Topics

  • Civil War

Course Information


Students will be keeping a Social Studies notebook that will be divided into three sections. Students can set up a Social Studies section in one of their binders or they can have a dedicated Social Studies binder. We commend combining 1st and 2nd period in one binder and 3rd and 4th in their other binder.

The first section will include the vocabulary and learning targets. Miscellaneous activities that will be collected will also be put in section 1. The general rule of thumb is that anything in section one will be turned in for a grade. The 2nd section with have the notes related to the unit we are currently studying. These items are what they need to study for tests and quizzes. They should put all graded work for a quarter in the 3rd section of their notebook.

Learning Targets

At the beginning of each unit, students will be given learning targets that correspond to the state SoL objectives. The targets will tell them exactly what they need to be able to do for each quiz and test. An example would be “I can find and name each continent on a map”. Students will also be expected to write the dates of quizzes and their quiz scores on their learning targets sheet as we progress through each unit.


Most homework in Social Studies will not be written work. It will instead involve studying for quizzes and tests. This preparation for evaluations will be a critical part of their success in Social Studies this year.


Students are allowed to retake quizzes if their score is less than an A. They should retake any quizzes they score below 70% on (a D or and F grade). They will also be reassessed on any objectives they did not show mastery of following each unit test.