Important Technology Information
Posted on 09/02/2020
Hello, Gainesville family! As the resident Instructional Technology Coach, I just wanted to pass on some information regarding Tech Week & Virtual Open House.
  1. Ensure your student can sign in to their Canvas page. They can then join the GVMS Parent/Student page: (they can click "Join this Course" on the menu on the right-hand side)
  2. You must receive the parent observer code from their account and then sign up for Canvas before you can see the GVMS Parent/Student page. ***You'll only be able to see it if your student joined that page first.***
  3. You can access the Virtual Open House page by finding the button on the GVMS Student/Parent home page.
  4. Join us to test out Zoom and ensure you can access online Zoom classes on Thursday! More information is provided on the GVMS Parent/Student Page in the Virtual Open House area
  5. Make use of the PWCS Backpack link. It has fantastic resources for parents and students!
  6. Logins to Office365 must include the at the end of the username. Passwords can be reset at home.              Password Reset link