March 24, 2020

Dear Language Arts Family:

I have been working hard this week, learning how to put fun games for you on my page. Although they are optional, they are fun!!! I also included a link for you to find books to read,you can choose any kind because they are for fun and to keep your skills sharp. May as well choose one you enjoy! You may even find one you can read to a sibling or a family member to help keep them entertained.
You will find links to all of these on my links tab or work from home tab.

Just in case you feel like looking at how much you did this year, or want to show off to your family, under Files and Documents you will find all of the power points we have done , yes the ones I put on the smart board! 

I will be adding things every week so keep your eyes on my page. Please email me with any suggestions, anything you need or just to say hi!!!