W1: Use a variety of different pre-writing strategies
      A. Choose and use the appropriate graphic organizer for a topic or type of writing
      B. Outline an essay prior to writing
      C. Use webbing to show the relationship among ideas
W2: Write a narrative essay
W3: Write an expository essay
W4: Write a persuasive essay
W5: Write an informational essay
W6: Use my writing to explain, analyze, or summarize a topic
W7: Write with my purpose and audience in mind
      A. Write with a focus on the main idea
      B. Write using the appropriate tone and word choices
      C. Write using a variety of sentence structures
      D. Write using vivid and precise vocabulary
      E. Write using various types of figurative language
W8: Use a thesis statement to guide my writing in the first paragraph
      A. Write a thesis statement that focuses the essay, expresses the writer’s position in an argument,
      B. Write a thesis statement that explains the purpose of the essay
W9: Effectively use quotations as evidence in my writing
W10: Write an essay that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion
      A. Write an introduction paragraph that includes a hook, background information, and thesis statement
      B. Include body paragraphs in my writing that support the thesis statement with a topic sentence, several examples that explain it, and transition phrases or sentences
     C. Write a conclusion for my essay
W11: Revise my writing for use of content, word choice, sentence variety, and transitions among paragraphs W12: Use complete sentences with appropriate punctuation and spelling
      A. Punctuate dialogue correctly
      B. Use commas correctly
      C. Use an ellipsis correctly
      D. Use semicolons and colons correctly
      E. Punctuate quotations correctly
      F. Use the correct version of homophones
W13: Make my writing interesting by using varied sentence structures, figurative language, interesting vocabulary, and appositives
W14: Proofread and edit drafts alone, with my peers, and with teacher assistance.