Update April 15, 2020
We are switching to Teams which is an app in your Office365 suite. You can open Teams from your "waffle" and select the 8th grade SIGNET Team. Each week you will find a different Math challenge and a new "Think- Dig Deeper - Discuss" Language Arts or Social Studies lesson. Continue working on your Centers which are accessed through your OneNote Class Notebook. 

Update: March 20, 2020
8th grade SIGNET students:
Most of you are working on Centers accessed through your OneNote Class Notebook. Continue to use your OneNote Class Notebook to progress through the centers you are working on. Please email me with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your work in your center or access to it. My email is harmonpf@pwcs.edu/

Those of you who are on the Literary Magazine, please check your email for information and updates on continuing our work to publish your magazine. All of the pieces to be published are in the content files in the LitMag OneNote Class Notebook. Communicate with the Editors to collaborate on this production: Sonali Cole, Rachel Camille Bish, Kearstin Safford, and Zachary Hamacher. 


Students will be meeting with us over the next few weeks for an orientation to 8th grade SIGNET.
8th grade students are pulled out of P.E. once a week to attend Gifted Resource classes.
Students are in cohorts pursuing the same interests.
One cohort will be producing the school Literary Magazine again.
Mosaic 2015-16    Mosaic 2

Other cohorts will work independently and cooperatively on various centers and projects to explore, develop, analyze, and synthesize.