Chess Board

Sponsor - Mrs. Harmon

Chess Club Registration - all registration this year is online.

The first meeting of the Chess Club for the 2019- 2020 school year will be on Thursday October 3rd. We will then meet most Thursdays after school, from 3-4:25 p.m. in room # 1121A (the SIGNET room, previously the Lecture Hall).

We will NOT meet on the following Thursdays:
December 5
January 16
January 23
March 26

We normally do not meet on Sports Tryout Days, because the Activity buses depart late at 5:15 (after sunset) on those days. If we do meet on one of those days, we suggest that you pick your child up that day, or expect your child home quite a bit later than normal. 

 Our club is not just Chess. We offer other strategy games like Settlers of Catan and Stratego. We encourage participants to bring in games to share and teach others. This group likes the challenge of learning new strategy games. All are welcome to join us, whatever your level of play. 

We will spend the month of October focusing on Chess, but after that we look forward to trying many new and different strategy games.



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