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Please check back at the end of August for any updates regarding PWCS Middle School Athletics for the 2020-2021 school year. 


10/23. Regionals.

In years past, numerous regional championships have been won by schools with scores in the 90's.  Last year it wasn't enough when we scored 115 and lost by 2.  And this year it was the same story again, just worse, as we scored 101 and came in 3rd.  Parkside came in 2nd place with 113 and Reagan came out on top with a whopping score of 138!  As amazing as our girls did, it just simply wasn't enough.  I don't have the official times yet, will update this when I do and fill out all the events, but I am going highlight what I know for sure and there was a lot of wow moments for us.  This is going to be fairly long, so bear with me...
MK Harper-Louis did an amazing job at the high jump getting up to 4'4" and finished in 5th place in the Region.
Mide Akinkugbe threw insane 32'4" (I believe) to claim first place with ease and right behind her in 2nd place was Elise Sledge who edged out the third place girl by 3/4"!!! That's nuts.
Adora Mbuko got 7th place in the long jump with a distance of 12'10".
Maddy Hodges ran a time of 9.90 in the 55 Hurdles to claim 4th place.
Probably our best race of the day, or at least the most intense, was the Sprint Medley.  Through the first 3 legs, which were held down by Cara Smayda, Adora Mbuko and Reagan Jones, we were in 2nd place by about 10-20 meters with Sidney Nolan left for the 800 leg.  She slowly gained on the first place girl on the first lap, then made her move with 300M left in the second and final lap and somehow managed to almost sprint that portion and ended up winning by 15 or so meters to claim 1st place.  It was amazing!
Jayvee Taylor and Maddy Hodges went 4 and 7 in the 55M Dash.
Leeynda Langlois and Elise Sledge went 5 and 6 in the 100M Dash.
Caroline Tribett ran a new season and personal best time in the mile with an unofficial hand time by myself of 5:37 to claim 3rd place.  While Gaby Shaw ran an impressive time of 6:17 to claim 7th place.
These girls may have gotten 3rd place, but they also happened to break our school's record in the 4 x 100 relay.  So major shout out to Maddy Hodges, Elise Sledge, Zoey Finn and Leeynda Langlois.  They ran an amazing time of 55.12!!!
I have been waiting to see our 4 x 200 team break the 2 minute barrier and they finally did it when it mattered most.  Reagan Jones, Sydney White, Maianna Ruffin and Jayvee Taylor placed 3rd with a time of 1:59.47!!! Awesome job!!!
Taylor Robinson and Sarah Wilberg went 5 and 6 respectively in the 400M.
Sidney Nolan did it again in the 800 open and won by a solid margin to get another gold medal for herself.  Time is unknown, but I am sure it was awesome.
And the 4 x 400 team, made up of Reagan Jones, Caroline Tribett, Maddy Schmidt and Sidney Nolan ran a time of 4:48 to claim 4th place.

The 200M dash got a little messed up with the times, but Jayvee Taylor and Leeynda Langlois both placed and ran amazing times!
Want to also give a shout out to Kona, Brian Coe and Austin Hoopes for helping me out this year and really making this year another memorable one for myself and moreso for the girls.  Definitely could not have done it without ya'll.  And for the rest of the parents, thank you as well.  Still can't believe we had timers for every meet and back up timers ready to go if needed.  You made this year the smoothest season ever for me and I really appreciate that.  GO HAWKS!!!

We were finally able to string two victories together as we beat Marsteller today 61-49.  We once again switched up some relay teams and put a couple girls in different events and they stepped up!  On top of that, it was a perfect day to run and with this being the last meet we saw a lot of personal season best times go down.  So as always, I am going to do a top 3 of today's meet.
  1. Mide Akinkugbe topped herself once again, and threw an insane 32'9" to claim first place.  Also want to give a shout out to Elise Sledge who threw 28'4" to claim second place.  She is coming out of nowhere with this event and is doing a great job.
  2. Taylor Robinson ran a 1:08.6 which is a new PR and also got her 2nd place.
  3. Sidney Nolan ran a season best time of 2:35 in the 800 to get her 2nd place.
This is officially a wrap on the regular season and we are now cutting down to just our Regional team.  We have a couple more days to get prepared for that as we will be leaving school early next Tuesday to head to Manassas Park again for Regional's.  Looking forward to seeing them push themselves for this final stretch.  It has been an awesome season so far, but we always strive to get that championship back here so we shall see!  Thanks as always for the support.  GO HAWKS!!!

Manassas Park came here yesterday on what was a PERFECT night to have a meet.  Sun was shining and girls were smiling as we ended up winning 97-13.  We put a lot of girls in different events to switch things up and they all performed admirably in their new events.  Going to send out just a top 3 as I am obviously running behind on my write up, so here we go...
  1. Mide Akinkugbe got our first throws of over 30 feet for the shot put to claim 1st place.
  2. Maddy Hodges joined Jayvee Taylor in 55M dash and they both ran times in the 7.7 range which is HUGE!  They finished 1st and 2nd respectively.
  3. And long distance extraordinaire Sidney Nolan ran the 200M dash, and well...she ran the fastest time of the season, finishing with a time of 29.06 to get 1st place.
We finish up our regular season next Tuesday AT Marsteller, then it is time to cut down to our regional team on Wednesday and make our final push.  Hope you all have a great Friday and an awesome weekend.  GO HAWKS!!!

We traveled to Reagan today and got down early after field events and never were able to mount any sort of comeback as we lost (cough) 81-29 (cough).  As badly as I felt walking towards the bus though, once I got the times, as oddly as this is going to sound, I actually got excited because there were still some really encouraging things that happened.  So even though we lost and I normally do a top 3, I texted the other coaches 5 I am going to do a first ever top 5 plus another thing that was super awesome as well!
  1. Our new 4 x 100 team, now made up of Maddy Hodges, Elise Sledge, Jayvee Taylor and Leeynda Langlois finally cracked my season goal and got our first time under 57 seconds!
  2. Caroline Tribett not only cracked the 5:50 mark, she almost skipped the 40's and ran a new season best, possible PR, of 5:41 in the mile!
  3. Taylor Robinson ran our first 400 in under 1:10 with a 1:09 in her first time ever doing it!
  4. Natalie Hernandez did it again and somehow ran a faster 800 her second time around, but this time ran a 2:42 to claim 1st place!
  5. Addy Hoopes stepped up in a major way, not only running a PR in the mile with a 6:33.  But stepping up at the end of the meet to fill one of our 4 x 400 spots and held her own in a major way! 
And, our old manager, and newest member of the track team, Calista Gonzalez got her first taste of live action and ran a super solid 1:22 in the 400 today.
It was definitely not the outcome we wanted but some different people stepped up today so it will be interesting to see who continues to step up in the final week before we cut down for our Regional team and try and make a run at this thing.  We are back at it on Thursday as we host Manassas Park in our last home meet of the year.  Hope to see you all there.  GO HAWKS!!!

We hosted Metz today and came away with a solid 80-30 win.  Girls came out quick and took a big lead after field events and never looked back.  Made some changes and did not really have time to practice the handoffs needed but the girls stepped up and performed admirably in their new spots given the circumstances.  So we still have some thing we need to tighten up but we still have almost 3 weeks to make it happen.  With all of that being said, here are the top 3 moments from the meet...
  1. Adora Mbuko got our first jump of 14 feet or higher, claiming 2nd place...with a jump of...14 feet!!!
  2. Going to put these two together because they are both HUGE milestones and new PR's for two of our distance girls.  Maecy Wells ran a mile time of 6:17 to claim to 1st place.  And Natalie Hernandez, who already ran a previous 800 in an earlier relay, ran a separate 800 later and got a time of 2:47 to claim 2nd place!
  3. Our 4 x 400 relay team, made up of Caroline Tribett, Reagan Jones, Maddy Schmidt and Sidney Nolan put together our best time of the year, cracking the 5 minute mark with a time of 4:55 to claim first place.
Our next meet is not until next Tuesday, which is away at Reagan.  So we will get back to work before we go take on another cross town rival.  Until then, GO HAWKS!!!

We hosted Reigning Champion Parkside today and the match-up came through as advertised.  It was a rollercoaster of a day that saw us start off being down by 7, then going up by nine, then trailing by 9, then tying it up with 2 events ultimately...lose 58-52.  DAGGER!  It was an insane meet but we were still very pleased with how they battled all day.  Now we know we have to put in the work on those hard work out days if we are going to try and usurp them as champs in less than a month.
For today's top 3 moments, we had some big changes in momentum at the meet so I am going to focus on those events that brought us back when we were down...
  1. Mide Akinkugbe, Ella Nhek and Maianna Ruffin swept shot put today, giving us a huge lift in the field events.
  2. Maddy Hodges, Amelia Lilley and Sydney White swept the 55M Hurdles to give us our first lead in the meet.
  3. Sidney Nolan, Maecy Wells and Natalie Hernandez swept the 800M, which tied us up at 48-48 going into the last two events.
We are home again next Tuesday as we host Metz in what is supposed to be another beautiful day if you want to come on out and support the girls.  I hope you all have a great Friday and an awesome weekend! GO HAWKS!!!

Today we traveled to cross town rival Bull Run and got the win, beating them 79.5-30.5.  I was a little worried after yesterday's practice but every single girl stepped up and did an amazing job!  I am not going to go over every highlight but I will always give at least a top 3.  So here we go...
  1. Our 4 x 100 B Team, consisting of Sydney White, Victoria Williams, Jada Blackwell and Natalie Hernandez beat Bull Run's A team to come in second place in that race.  That is always one of my favorite things to do.
  2. 6th Grader Sarah Wilberg got 1st place in the 400M open with a time of 1:11!
  3. Leeynda Langlois cruised to an easy victory in the 100M dash with a time of 14.17.
Our next meet is on Thursday at home against Parkside who has been super strong the past 3 years.  So it should be a solid meet to check out if you have time.  Thanks as always for the continued support and for the first time of the year...GO HAWKS!!!

Meet Schedule Fall 2019
9/24 @ Bull Run - W - 79.5-30.5
9/26 vs Parkside - L - 58-52
10/1 vs Metz - W 80-30
10/8 @ Reagan - L 81-29
10/10 vs Manassas Park - W - 97-13
10/15 @ Marsteller - W - 61-49
REGIONALS 10/23 @ Manassas Park - 3rd Place - 138-113-107