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You can find IXL assignments in the Work From Home folder
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Students can complete their "Kingdoms of Life" foldable.  This was the last assignment before the end of classes.

Students continue to look in the "Work From Home folder" for Weekly assignments.

Learning time is on Wednesdays from 10:00-11:30.
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Computer Practice:
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Continue to look in the Work from Home folder for Weekly assignments under Science 8.

Office Hours are on Tuesdays between 12:00-1:30...EMAIL
Learning Times are on Thursdays between 10:11:30.

Meeting ID: 725-3372-3704
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IXL is here for you!

Scroll down to "Computer Practice" and click on the Link!

i put the 8th grade Science Textbook under the 8 Science Folder under Files and Documents.  You can read through it for review and to look forward at what you missed.  Chapter Reviews are good...answer the questions.  All the answers will be in the and find them.

You are one of my best 8th grade classes I've ever had.  You're good, fun, smart, motivated, and hard working kids!!  We had a few more FUN topics to cover and a few of my favorite labs (Pan-Pipes, Black Ink Chromatography, and String-Phones)...sorry we will miss them.  I wish we could finish the year and CRUSH the SOL together!!  I know you would have.  I am very proud of you.  Stay safe. 
I will miss you all.  :0)

You are always welcome to come visit...i Hope you do!!  :0)

Computer Practice:
User Name: gainesvillemiddle
Password: Hawks

You can go to J-Labs.
 Click on 8th science.  Complete 20 questions.  These will be a combination of 6, 7, and 8th grade questions.  Good review for the SOL...a good review in general.

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