Work from Friday, 3/13/2020:  If you were absent on Friday, 3/13, there is an Absent on Friday, 3/13/20 folder in the Files and Documents on this page and on the Work At Home page.  


Students will be assigned weekly Quizizz for homework.  Typically, they will be assigned on Wednesday and due the following Wednesday.  By giving students a week to complete them, students can choose the day when they have time to complete them - some students prefer during the week and some prefer over the weekend.  It is the student's choice.

Quizizz are now focusing on review for the SOL so it is very important that the students complete them weekly.  They may use their interactive notebook.  If a student needs to use technology at school, they can see me during team time (period 3) and use an IPad or kindle in my classroom.

Directions for Quizizz:

Quizizz - SOL Review #1 - Math 6 - Optional.  Code active until March 30.

1. Go to
2. Enter code 577475
3. Enter FIRST AND LAST Name AND Period Number (without this information, the student will NOT earn credit.)
4. Complete Quizizz and submit.  
5.  Students must earn an 80% or higher on Quizizz.  They can retake the Quizizz as many times as needed to earn 80% or higher.

If you have any questions, please email me.

  Please make sure your student has their interactive math notebook, math binder, pencils, eraser, hand held sharpener, red pen, paper, and glue sticks, for math everyday.  

Questions about concepts?  
Kahn Academy!  Free lessons and practice for units.  Link is on Other Useful Links page of this website.

Try IXL - students have accounts as of 10/8/19!
Username is student ID#
Password is student ID#