Class Syllabus:
 6th Grade Science 
Denise Cowne 

In grades 6 - 8, students are encouraged to build upon prior knowledge and developed science process skills to analyze science topics with more depth and rigor. Students in grade 6 science focus on the topics of earth science and space science. They work with experimental design and inquiry processes through hands-on activities that are laboratory-based. Students are actively involved in the collection and analysis of authentic experimental data.

Key topics studied in 6th Grade: 
• Science Process Skills
• Energy Sources and Transformation
• Energy in the Atmosphere
• Matter
• Weather
• Earth's Water
• Watershed Systems
• The Solar System     
Organization helps keep every student on track and ready to learn.  
Binder:  Students are to keep notebook paper in this binder at all times.  They will also need four dividers. 
1.) SCIENCE- to separate from other classes and to hold papers related to the class in general. 
2.) Important “Stuff” – This section will contain general Unit information.
3.) Notes
4.)  Graded Work – This section will be used to keep and track graded assessments. Papers should NOT be removed from this section.

Be prepared for class!       
The student is asked to bring to science class…..
1.) Science Binder (Please keep this up to date and organized.)  
2.) Agenda 
3.) Pencil Pouch (including sharpened pencils) ALL written work must be done in pencil. 
4.) A book to read

Rules and Procedures
The classroom rules and procedures were discussed in class the first week. Students created a list of Classroom “Expectations”. There is a copy in the binder as well as posted in the room. We will be following SCORE in the class. 
Homework most nights will be studying notes, classwork and handouts from the binder. This is very important to review daily for quizzes and tests. There are some nights where they will have a written assignment to follow up with the lesson.  I require them to write down the assignment in their agenda.  Sometimes there will be a project that will require more “homework” time.  These types of assignments will always be given well in advance.  I will send out weekly emails updating what is happening in class.
Some assignments are checked for completion. Some assignments are collected and graded. 
Some will be 10% grades (Learning Grades) such as those mentioned above as well as Mini-projects, and Class work. These assignments help students learn a topic (practice). Some will be 90% grades (Knowing grades) such as: Labs, Tests, and Projects.  These assignments will demonstrate what the student has mastered of the unit’s learning targets.   
I also offer the ability to redo and make up poor grades on TESTS during Lunch Bunch, Cowne Crew or Team Time (Advisory). It is the student’s responsibility to schedule any redo work before the deadline of final grades for that assignment as well as making up all missing assignments before the re-do.

Extra Support:  “Cowne Crew” is offered on Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 7:15. Students must talk to me before showing up and must have a pass to come to my room before school. “Lunch Bunch” is offered every day. Students will need a pass to attend.

Learning Targets: will be handed out and will be used to ensure a student is mastering content as the unit progresses. Parents and students can use them to study for quizzes and tests. They will also be posted in the room.

A tentative schedule of the curriculum for P 1, 2, and 4 is as follows: 
1st Quarter: 
         Scientific Method (6-7 weeks) 
         Energy (2 weeks) 
2nd Quarter: 
         Energy Sources and Transformation (5 weeks)
         Weather (2-3 weeks) 
3rd Quarter: 
         Weather (2-3 weeks) 
         Water and Earth’s Watershed (6-7 weeks)          
4th Quarter: 
         Water and Earth’s Watershed (2-3 weeks)   
         Earth and our Solar System (6-7 weeks) 
***The enriched schedule for Period 5 will be similar but compress to allow for the 4 enrichment sessions.

I am looking forward to a positive and productive year full of learning.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns please email me at: