Buenos dias!! Como estas? Espero que bien y que estes disfrutando del tiempo con tu familia.
Today, I will start posting information on our classroom and how you can stay current with your learning. This work is not mandatory but will help you when we are back together in class. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

3/23: Study the vocabulary list on Comida (food) posted on TEAMS and also Files & Docs. You might want to create flashcards on Quizlet.

3/24: Per Mrs. Porter Lucas, we can't test anyone for a grade. I will be more than happy to do a practice test for now and then see if that can count for a grade later. Just send me an email and let me know. Make sure your parents are aware. Thanks!

3/25: You should try to make sentences with the FOOD vocabulary and the following verbs:
comer, pedir, gusta, querer, comprar (buy).

3/27: You can now re-take any exams we had scheduled. Please send me an email and let me know if you are available. I have been trying different ways of communication since I have to be able to see you... try Zoom, Skype or Teams, whatever works.
Next week, I will start short Spanish sessions for those who would like to join me. Most likely in TEAMS or Zoom. I will let you know. Keep checking this site.
Stay safe!

3/29: The first Spanish class will take place tomorrow at 2pm. Copy and paste this link on your browser:


This should bring you to TEAMS. Be ready to participate. Have your notes available, and a pen/pencil.
Spread the word please. See you manana!

3/30: Thank you to those who logged in and actually paid attention. I have talked to Mrs. Porter Lucas about those who didn't belong in the session. Lets hope its better tomorrow. Please DO NOT share any info. regarding the sessions with people outside our class. Check the info. for tomorrow's meeting on your TEAMS page (per period).
Have 5 sentences inviting people to do something  and we will discuss.

3/31: Both meetings were canceled today because we had several students who didn't belong in my class and took it upon themselves to be disrespectful. Sessions will now be conducted in extremely tight and secured ways which were explained to my students earlier. The sessions will be per period so I will be able to invite only those who belong to that period.
WE will not meet everyday but will follow a rotation. Please make sure you check when its your turn to meet. Classes are optional and only for those who are interested in learning and participating. Have your 5 sentences on extending an invitation ready to go. Do not use the verb IR for every sentence.
P#3 - 4/1 at 2:00pm
P#4 - 4/1 at 2:30pm
P#5 - 4/1 at 3:00pm
P#6 - 4/2 at 2:00pm
P#7 - 4/2 at 2:30pm

4/1: P#3, 4 and 5: Write a conversation between 2 students extending an invitation and accepting or declining. Give details. Each person should have at least 4 lines and that doesn't include greeting/farewell. Be ready to connect tomorrow per the following schedule:
P#3 at 2:00pm
P#4 at 2:30pm
P#5 at 3:00pm
4/2: HW for P#6 and #7: Due 4/13 Study your AR, ER and IR verbs both regular and irregular. You should have flashcards for every single verb that you created in Quizlet or on regular cards. Have someone test yourself. Get faster and better. I will ask you questions with those verbs. Have paper and pencil ready.
P#6 4/13 at 2:00pm
P#7 4/13 at 2:30pm

ATTENTION STUDENTS P#3, 4 and 5: I have a meeting with Department Chairs and Mrs. Porter Lucas at 2pm (it got changed) so I can't meet at that time. I am sorry but I have to cancel the meetings today. Will meet with you guys on Tuesday 4/14 starting at 2pm. Enjoy your Spring Break.

4/13: Buenos dias! I hope you had a restful Spring Break and are ready to continue your studies. As you probably know we have new procedures and schedules that we must follow per PWCS (You can read more about it on the school's website). Based on the new schedule, Spanish will meet on Thursdays from 8:30am-10am. I will still meet with every period during this block but the meetings will be shorter (15 minutes) to accommodate all.
The homework will be always posted on this page and will be due the following Thursday.

My office hours will take place on Tuesdays from 1:30pm-3:00pm. You can reach me via email, TEAMS, Skype for Business or Zoom. You can get extra help, ask questions, etc during these hours.

I will continue to test those who missed the Likes and dislikes exam and those who want to do a retake this week. I will continue to make myself available M-F 11:00am to 1:00pm. Just call me when you are ready to test, no need to make an appointment. If I don't answer is because I am with someone else. Wait and call back please.

You can keep on sending me your corrections and I will grade them as I get them. Remember that the MP ends on the 24th. Please get all your work in NLT the 24th.

I will still meet with P#5 and P#6 today:
P#6 4/13 at 2:00pm
P#7 4/13 at 2:30pm

I will meet with P#3, 4 and 5 tomorrow:
P#3  4/14 at 2:00pm
P#4  4/14 at 2:30pm
P#5  4/14 at 3:00pm 

These will be the last meetings I will conduct in the pm. I will then connect with everyone on Thursdays (for 15 minutes).

NEW SCHEDULE starts on 4/16:

P#3  8:30am- 8:45am
P#4  8:45am- 9:00am
P#5  9:00am- 9:15am
P#6  9:15am- 9:30am
P#7  9:30am -9:45am

4/16: Excellent first class! I am very proud of you for getting up early and attending the session. The winner of today's attendance is..... PERIOD #7 with 18 participants!!

Today you learned how to "Express what you and others will do". You already knew all the information, so all that was needed was to put it all together in a nice formula.
The notes can be found in Files and Documents and the video of today's class is posted in TEAMS (go to your specific team page).

The HW is:
* Translate the sentences in the handout: Ir + a + verb inf. practica (F & Docs.)
* Answer the questions in the handout: Ir + a + verb inf. practica 2 (F & Docs.)
Both are due by next Thursday. If you need help, my office hours are Tuesdays 1:30pm-3:00pm. Know that you can always send me an email anytime and I will do my best to answer it within 24 hours or less.

4/21: Access to "This is Language". The school has been given an opportunity to use this powerful tool free of charge until June. I will be assigning homework from this site so please send me an email ASAP with your full name and period number and I will reply with your access code. You will have to go to www.thisislanguage.com
An account was created for you today. 

Reminder: Friday is the last day to turn in corrections and late work in general. Don't wait until that day though in case you have to fix errors. Today was the last day to retake Tests. We will have our 15 minute class this Thursday starting at 8:30am via Teams. Check the schedule above for exact times. Those who have to take the Likes test have until Friday 11am-1pm.
1. Check the answers to both handouts from last week (Teams/files/class materials). Self check your work with a red pen, fixing your mistakes and give it a grade. Take a pic of both assignments and upload it in Teams (if you know how) or send me an email with the pic.

2. The Class today was on Differentiating between what a person wants to do and what he/she has to do. You must review the structure: Tener + que + verb infinitive and the conjugation of the verb Querer. The video of this class is available on Teams.

3. Write 5 sentences expressing what you and others want to do.

4. Write 5 sentences expressing what you and others have to do.

5. Combine both thoughts so you come up with a sentence that expresses what you want to do but can't because you have something else you have to do. An example in English will be: I want to watch T.V. but I can't because I have to do my homework.

6. Videotape yourself saying those 5 sentences (like the example) and upload it in Teams or send it my way. You can use any form of technology that will allow you to record.
This is due by Tuesday 4/27 at 3pm. I will watch the videos and give you feedback by Thursday. Have fun!

7. Access to "This is Language". The school has been given an opportunity to use this powerful tool free of charge until June. I will be assigning homework from this site so please send me an email ASAP with your full name and period number and I will reply with your access code. You will have to go to www.thisislanguage.com
An account was created for you today. 

4/28: FYI Students. Thank you to all who read the instructions on how to come up with 5 sentences expressing what people want to do but can't because they have to do something else. If your sentences were correct, I sent you an email and wrote down your name in my HW book. This information will help me determine who has mastered the lesson and could potentially benefit from a better grade before the end of the year. Remember that I am available during office hours on Tuesdays if you need to call me via Teams or Skype.

4/30: Go to ThisisLanguage.com and complete the activities selected. Watch the videos carefully before you attempt to complete any of the activities. Slow down the video and replay it if necessary. The activities are timed. If you haven't requested your access code, do so by sending me an email with your full name and period number and I will send it ASAP.
If you have questions about the HW, send me an email. If you need to talk to me, call me during my office hours.

I was told by the Office of World Languages that we will not be able to use the app. "This is Language" until further approval from PWCS. After I finished the virtual classes this morning, I received the approval to use the app, so.... please log in and complete the exercises assigned on line (present tense verbs).

1. This week I would like for you to write an essay about what people in your family do on a weekday or weekend. This must be written in the present tense only. Do not use any online translators as I will be able to tell. You must use a minimum of 10 verbs that you learned in class. I would suggest that you write the essay in English first and then start translating each sentence individually using the grammar structures studied in class. I am available for help on Tuesdays (call me Teams) or any other day via email. This HW is due on 5/13. You should type it in Word and attach or just send as email.

An example of an essay would read as follows:
During the week, my mom works from the house. She is a teacher and she prepares her classes and talks to students using the internet. My dad goes to work in Fairfax. He is a mechanic and likes to fix cars. His favorite car is a Ferrari. My older brother, Matthew, sleeps until noon and then does his homework. He is 16 years old and attends Patriot HS. My sister, Olivia, is 10 years old and she likes to watch tv and play videogames.

2. Go to ThisisLanguage.com and complete the exercises assigned: Verbs in the Present Tense. Check on the deadline please.

5/14: We had a great class and focused our attention on Reading comprehension. The class videos are posted on Teams. 
The HW for this week is:
1. Pick one of the 3 paragraphs from the first chapter. Practice your reading skills and when ready, record yourself using any means of technology. Send me that recording. Make sure it flows and you are respecting all punctuation signs. 
2. Answer the questions on Sections A, B, C and D. 
Section A: copy the sentence and write CIERTO o FALSO next to it.
Section B: Copy the word and its synonym next to it.
Section C: Copy the word and its antonym next to it.
Section D: Rearrange the sentences in order to summarize the story. Keep the original numbers from each sentence.
3. Chapter 1 (reading) can be found in Teams/Files/Classroom materials.
4. Those who want to get ahead can also work on Chapter 2.

5/21: This week we will continue to practice Reading comprehension. The class video is posted in Teams if you missed it.

The HW for this week is:

1. Read the first page from the second chapter. Practice your reading skills and when ready, record yourself using any means of technology. Send me that recording. Make sure it flows and you are respecting all punctuation signs. Because this reading includes dialogues between two people, you might have to change your voice a little in order to identify both characters.

2. Answer the questions on Sections A, B, and C.
Section A: write the entire sentence.
Section B: Copy the sentence and then write the word per instructions.
Section C: Copy the question/statement and then select the answer.

FYI: Chapter 2 (reading) can be found in Teams/Files/Classroom materials.

Great class today! The winning class was P#3 for their participation and high scores!
HW: Listen to the file I recorded in Teams. I will be asking you 8 questions. Once you have figured out what I asked, answer the questions in complete sentences. You can send me a Word document or just an email. Use your dictionary to look up words that you might not understand, but do not use a translator. The idea is that you get the gist of what I am asking on your own. This is due on 6/4.

There will not be a virtual class next Thursday, but I will ask you to complete the course survey which will be posted on Teams.

Welcome to our very last week of school!!! I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. You have done a great job while we were in school and have participated in our virtual classes, completed the homework and extended your knowledge.
Your very last assignment will be to complete a survey. Please take the time to read the questions carefully and respond with constructive criticism in order to use the feedback provided in planning for my next class. Your feedback is needed and greatly appreciated.
This survey is due by 6/11.