Mr. McDaniel's Virtual Classroom

With the closing of school buildings, this is the location for all 8th grade math-related content.  Currently only previously covered material and objectives will be placed here.  Teachers are currently awaiting further information regarding instruction of material that had not yet been covered and on how to proceed with grades.  Once that information has been passed on, I will update this page.

To the right, there are four subpages that will be updated throughout the remainder of the school year.

Virtual Classroom - Supplementary Materials

Here you will find suggestions and links for online practice and remediation of concepts and objectives that have already been covered this school year.  This will include IXL, Khan Academy, and additional sites as they are updated.

Virtual Classroom - Questions and Answers

Here you will find a chat board for students to ask me questions that I will then respond to.  There is a rules topic already started that students must read prior to posting anything.  This set-up is because sometimes multiple students may have the same questions.

Virtual Classroom - Documents

This is where you will find any documents (notes, suggestions, practice problems, etc.)

Virtual Classroom - Calendar

This is where you will find a suggested timeline for skills practice on previously learned material.  This calendar will be updated withe additional information and possible virtual lesson times throughout the time out of school.