Jan. 15, 2020

Crew Information


Students interested in being on the crew for “Frozen, Jr” must attend a meeting on Thur. Jan. 23 from 3:00-3:45 in the Drama room. Students must have a ride home NLT 4:00.  Students may be selected to serve as crew members for Costumes, Sets, Makeup, Curtain, Lighting, Sound, or Props. We will train crew members for their position. Additional information for those not familiar with Crew will be on this site under "Crew positions" and on the Drama bulletin board. No prior knowledge is needed.

Please read the following:

- Student MUST attend the meeting to be considered for a position on the Crew.

- Student should know a parent’s email address so that we have a contact when needed and to let them know if they have been selected to be on the Crew.

 - Student MUST attend all the following rehearsals after being selected: TBD

The play will be performed on Apr. 16, 17, & 18. (There is matinee in addition on the 18th). Dress rehearsals from 3:00-9:00 on Tue. and Wed. Apr. 14 & 15.


Any other questions, please contact:

Peggy Hyde   hydeps@pwcs.edu     or   Stacey Pannebecker   pannebSL@pwcs.edu


We look forward to seeing you soon!