Math Class

Welcome to Pre-Algebra for Team Newton!

In order to retake a test,

Student Must Complete the following:


  1. Test corrections complete with accuracy,

  2. Extra practice (IXL)

  3. Parent’s signature

  4. Student signs up for a date to retake test (after they have completed the requirements)


This year we will be covering:

-Real Number Systems: Rational/Irrational Numbers, Square roots.
-Expressions: Scientific Notation, Fractions, Percents, Algebraic Expressions.
-Equations/Inequalities: One-step, two-step, multi-step, properties, graph/solve inequalities.
-Problem Solving: Rates/Ratios, proportions, percents, percent applications.
-Probability and Statistics: Independent/dependent events, scatterplots, histograms, line of best fit.
-Angles and Transformations: Supplementary, Complementary, Reflections, rotations.
-2-D/3-D figures: Area, volume, surface area, perimeter, Pythagorean theorem.
-Patterns, Functions, Algebra: Linear equations, domain, range. 

This year's syllabus is uploaded in the folders at the bottom of this page. All supplemental materials will be available in folders on my SLMS page. In order to find this, just choose the first option under the "Teacher Team Pages" link, and login like we did in class!

Class Materials

*2 Composition Notebooks
* Dry Erase Markers
* Tissue box (to be donated to the classroom) 
* 1 Pack of Pencils (to be donated to classroom)
* 1 Pack of Glue Sticks (to be donated to classroom)
* Four Function Calculator (for home use)
*Scissors, Colored Pencils, Paper (can be used for other classes)

For Unit 1, the IXLs that students should be using to practice at night are (links are included): 

first BEFORE trying any of the links below. Your username and password are your student ID number.

Section 1: 8.2 Real Numbers
1) A.8 Classify Numbers

Section 2: 8.3 Square Roots
2) F.15 Positive and Negative Square Roots
3) F.16 Estimate Positive and Negative Square Roots

Section 3: 8.1b Comparing Numbers
4) J.2 Compare Percents to Fractions and Decimals
5) D.8 Put Rational Numbers in Order


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