• Week of 6/1/2020
  • This is our Final Blowout Lab!  Cupcake Wars!
  • Check out the link to the Padlet below
  • https://padlet.com/rubreckw/rdaom29u8r8qtro6
  • 3 categories of winners:
  •      #1 Design/Theme
  •      #2 Taste - I wanna see a picture of one cracked open too to show the inside of the cupcake.
  •      #3  Overall presentation - Combines Design AND Taste.  I'm looking at consistency in size, they're not burnt, etc.
  • Week of 5/11/2020
  • This week we have a Pretzel Lab -check out the link to the Padlet
  • https://padlet.com/rubreckw/24f0bgbs6c7x3jqf
  • 2 Grades - one evaluation this week and
  • A picture of the finished pretzel!
  • See you on the Zoom during Office hours this week.
  • Week of 5/4/2020
  • Cookies Week
  • This link will take you to everything you need including a power point on the different cookie categories.
  • Two grades will be taken this week; #1 the quiz located on Padlet and #2 a picture of your finished cookies!
  • We will be cooking together during office hours on Friday or you may wish to make on your own another day.
  • https://padlet.com/rubreckw/9guvwpt4vh65
  • Week of 4/27/2020
  • Pizza week
  • This link takes you to everything you need to make this week's lesson including videos on how to toss pizza dough
  • in the air. Remember to fill out the evaluation and email a picture of your pizza.  REMEMBER we are tossing pizza 
  • pizza dough together during office hours on Friday May 1st!
  • 6th grade 12
  • 7th grade 12:30
  • (8th grade - we are making cookies together)

    https://padlet.com/rubreckw/5wck469zdowr975o! recipe and videos there!

  • Week of 4/20/2020
    This link takes you to everything you need for this week's lesson including the prequiz and evaluation form
    Send me a picture of your food!
    https://padlet.com/rubreckw/n71u8hb1ezt7np3w - link to breakfast Padlet
    https://padlet.com/rubreckw/f59mqysm1dobqur9 - link to  mug cakes Padlet
        - Our first food labs were all about breakfast!
       - We observed basic kitchen and food sanitation rules...
        - Demonstrated nutrition & wellness practices...and
        - Performed sequential steps in all aspects of food preparation, (recipe reading).
    Now its time to make & share what you like to eat for breakfast at your house!
        - Is it pancakes, waffles, crepes? (see recipes under files).
        - Ms. Rubrecht will post herself making Ebelskiver's - a Danish stuffed pancake, and Blintzes - a ricotta stuffed crepe - delicious!.

       - Every culture has something similar to a pancake - HOWEVER you DO NOT have to make this!
       - Make AND plate a homemade breakfast, take a picture of it .
           - Send me a picture of your creation!

  • 4/13 Schedule:


  • 6th and 7th grade will meet on Wednesday 4/15. 4th period meets 8:30-8:45 
  •                                                                       5th period meets 8:50-9:05
  •                                                                       6th period meets 9:15-9:30
  •                                                                       7th period meets 9:45-10:00
  •                                             8th grade will meet on Friday, 4/17 at 1:00 pm 
  • I will meet with each Team ON Office 365 Teams to explain how the quarter is going to work. I am only breaking the class sections down THIS week so I may see all your faces and spend some time with you to explain how the rest of the year will work.
  • The week beginning April 22nd I will create a short video, 10-15 minutes, for students to watch and students will then spend the remaining 75 minutes working on the project. Your class sections will NOT be broken down as they are 4/15. I will have up to 3 other project choices available. 
  • My office hours are on Friday's from 12-1:30 where I will meet on TEAMS
  • 4th period at 12 noon
  • 5th period at 12:20
  • 6th period at 12:40
  • 2nd period at 1:00 
  • 7th period at 1:15
  • See Work at Home Folder for suggested activities.
    To turn in previously due work you may log into EverFi through the Clever app under the PWCS website. Email me at www.Rubreckw@pwcs.edu when you've completed it.
  • Retakes may be completed once - notify me if you wish to.
  • Please notify me on completed unfinished EverFi sessions so I may get your scores.
  • Check back for updates for suggestions for fun activities. 3/26/2020
  • Check in or drop me a line to say hello!  And if you see me out walking - it's OK to wave!