Welcome to Team United and welcome to Science!

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GIRLS IN SCIENCE- Check this out. A great opportunity for girls in science.

We will have a great year in science. Topics covered are Experiments, Matter, Energy, Weather and Atmosphere, Earth's Waters, and Earth, Moon, Sun relations. I
teach periods 1-4. Homework assignments will be posted on their DUE dates on the calendar to the left.

 I am available for help during lunches or Team Time. The process to do so has been explained in detail to the kids. Let me know if you have any questions.  Enriched class should follow the separate enriched calendar.

Unit powerpoints can be found in FILES AND DOCUMENTS

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.   loganmj@pwcs.edu
My class uses a binder with 3 sections. graded work, handouts, and Notes.
I am available for help during lunch (if contacted ahead of time) and during Team time.

We have started our Matter unit. we start off reviewing the differences in the states of matter. We then move to physical/chemical changes. Our second set of topics involve the atom and periodic table. Then we move to chemical equations and formulas and finish with the properties of water.

We have moved into our weather unit. We start with the atmosphere. We then move to how heat is transferred. Next we move to clouds and the water cycle. We conclude with storms and fronts.  Power point and quizlet practice is available on my documents link to the left. page

 We have begun our energy unit. We are focusing on targets 1-3 to start with (Kinetic/potential energy). We will then move to the 5 types of energy. We will next focus on renewable/nonrenewable energy going in detail the pros and cons of both along with several examples.


Our first unit focused on experiments and measurement. We will practice a variety of measurements (length, temperature, mass, volume, time)


We then investigated experiments. Proper ways to conduct and perform them. 


Future units below

Astronomy-Our Solar system
This unit we learn about the history of astronomy. How the views have changed. We learn about the tools that have helped us learn so much. We investigate the planets-how they are alike, and different. The uniqueness of Earth. The moon and its phases. The seasons and tides.

Earth's Waters-Chesapeake Bay 
We start our unit on Earth's waters. Focusing on our watershed-Chesepeake Bay. 
First we'll learn about how much fresh water we have on Earth-and how much of that is actually available for all living things to share.
We discuss the vast need of water for many, many things.
We will focus on the environment. This unit we had a hands on experience supporting all aspects of this unit on April 27th.