Important Messages are after the Work at Home Resource Post.
Work at Home Resources:
Office Hours: Tuesday 12-1:30. We will have a zoom meeting during those hours based on class periods.

Class Files and Downloads
On this page you will find "Unit Folders."  Click this for your "Work from Home" folder!!
See this page for an overview of the curriculum, resources for each unit, and links.

Science - Periods 1, 2, and 4
See this page for the Academic Calendar for Science 6.

Enriched Science - Period 5
See this page for the Academic Calendar for  Enriched Science 6.

***Please visit the PWCS Home Learning Resources web page for ideas on how to keep your student engaged in school while at home. 
1.) Students weekly work can be found in the Files/Document folder to Unit folders then to Unit 0 Work from Home folder. 
We will meet as a class every Tuesday through Zoom. The code will be the same each week that was sent in a email. If you can't find it, let me know.
3.) Please stay safe and healthy!

Mrs. Denise Cowne

Team Spirit
Science Teacher

Daily Schedule

Period 1, Science - 8:10 to 9:07
Period 2, Science - 9:09 to 10:06
Lunch - 10:08 to 10:35
Period 3, Advisory - 10:38 to 11:08
Period 4, Science - 11:10 to 12:07
Period 5, Science (Enriched) - 12:09-1:07

Planning - 1:09 to 2:50

The Learning Targets for each Unit can be found under the class period. They will be changed at the beginning of each unit.

Pacing Guide of the Units of Study:
A tentative schedule of the curriculum for P 1, 2, and 4 is as follows: 
1st Quarter: 
       Scientific Method (6-7 weeks) 
       Energy (2 weeks) 
2nd Quarter:
         Energy Sources and Transformation (5 weeks)
         Weather (2-3 weeks) 
3rd Quarter: 
         Weather (2-3 weeks) 
         Water and Earth’s Watershed (4-5 weeks)      4th Quarter:  
         Water and Earth’s Watershed (2-3 weeks)
         Earth and our Solar System (5-6 weeks) 
***The enriched schedule for Period 5 will be similar but compress (less weeks of instruction) to allow for the 4 enrichment sessions.

Binder (may be shared with another class)
Writing instrument (pencil)
 Book to read
 Textbook that stays in class 
a folder that stays in class

There is always homework - STUDY, STUDY, STUDY for upcoming quizzes and tests. Students are always given STUDY GUIDES for tests usually one week before the test.


Parent Vue
Parents should be checking their children's grades regularly using Parent Vue.
ask your child to log into their account and show you their grades. All students will be trained on accessing the system in September and October.

We also keep a running document in the binder of all grades.

I do my best to send weekly messages through the email system. I try to do this on Friday. However, if the email system doesn't work well, I will use the HUB system to communicate. If you have not received the emails of yet, please contact the school so they can help.