2020 April Face
Mrs. Rutland, Executive Strategies, 8th grade Interdisciplinary Language Arts

-Distance Learning Office Hours are Tuesdays from 1:30 p.m-3:30 p.m.
-Assignments, documents, audios, and videos will be provided in the
Work From Home folder so that students may work at their own pace and own time.

I am also happy to answer questions which you may have at other times.  Please contact me via email at rutlandn@pwcs.edu 

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Welcome to 8th grade Interdisciplinary Language Arts entitled Executive Strategies.  Together we will learn more 
about business principles such as workplace and community development, writing/typing skills, public speaking,
reading/comprehension and future career preparedness/advancement. 

Business Principles
Workplace Readiness
Public Speaking
Aspects of Writing
STIR (Solo Time of Independent Reading)

Pre-SAT vocabulary
Word Etymology
Connotation and Denotation
Word Usage

High School and Post-Secondary Preparedness
Navigating Your High School Website
Dreaming and Planning Your Future

Classroom Schedule

 Arrival 7:55-8:10 
 Period 1 - ENCORE (51) 8:10-9:01
 Period 2 - ENCORE (51) 9:03-9:54
 Period 3 (52) 9:56-10:48
 Period 4 (52) 10:50--11:42
 Period 5 (class + lunch)
Class: 11:44-12:23 (39)
Lunch D 12:24 - 12:50
Class: 12:52 - 1:03 (12)
11:44- 1:03
 Period 6 (51) 1:05-1:56
 Period 7 (52) 1:58-2:50



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1. Typing/Keyboarding Sites:

Touch Typing Game for lessons in accuracy and speed
Typing Lessons for Words per Minute and Accuracy for lessons in accuracy and speed

2. Pre-SAT Vocabulary:

Vocabulary Tests

3. Post High School Preparation:

Career and Education Incentives