Unit 1- Real Number Systems
8.3- Square Roots
  1.  F       F.14 Square roots of perfect squares
  2.  report F.15 Positive and negative square roots
  3.  report F.16 Estimate positive and negative square roots
8.2- Real Number Systems    D.5 Identify rational and irrational numbers
8.1- Order and Compare Real Numbers
        D.7 Compare rational numbers
  1.     Unit 2- Consumer Math
    8.4- Consumer Math
         H.4 Equivalent ratios: word problems
         H.5 Unit rates
         H.6 Compare ratios: word problems
         H.7 Solve proportions: word problems
  1.                   H.8 Do the ratios form a proportion?
  2.                   H.9 Do the ratios form a proportion: word problems
  3.                   H.10 Solve proportions
  4.                      J.10 Percent of change
  5. J.                   J.11 Percent of change: word problems
  6.                      K.5 Percent of a number: tax, discount, and more
  7.                      K.6 Find the percent: tax, discount, and more
  8.                      K.10 Simple interest

Unit 3- Order of Operations, Algebraic Expressions, and the Pythagorean Theorem
C.8 Evaluate numerical expressions involving integers
E.9 Evaluate numerical expressions involving rational numbers
V.5 Evaluate multi-variable expressions
V.6 Evaluate absolute value expressions
V.7 Evaluate radical expressions
V.8 Evaluate rational expressions
R.1 Pythagorean theorem: find the length of the hypotenuse
R.2 Pythagorean theorem: find the missing leg length
R.4 Pythagorean theorem: word problems
R.5 Converse of the Pythagorean theorem: is it a right triangle?

Unit 4- Angle Relationships and Transformations of Polygons
O.10 Identify complementary, supplementary, vertical, adjacent, and congruent angles
O.11 Find measures of complementary, supplementary, vertical, and adjacent angles
 P.2 Identify reflections, rotations, and translations

     P.3 Translations: graph the image

 report P.4 Translations: find the coordinates

 report P.5 Reflections: graph the image

 report P.6 Reflections: find the coordinates

 report P.7 Rotations: graph the image

 report P.8 Rotations: find the coordinates

   Q.2 Dilations: graph the image

 report Q.3 Dilations: find the coordinates

 report Q.4 Dilations: scale factor and classification

Unit 5- Measurement
 T.1 Perimeter
 T.2 Area
 T.3 Area and perimeter: word problems
 T.4 Area between two shapes
 T.5 Circles, semicircles, and quarter circles