Mrs. Champion's
7th Grade Language Arts Class

Distant Learning assignments are posted in the Work At Home folder by Tuesday mornings!

LA block times are Tuesdays 10-11:30!

 There will be an agenda sheet called "READ FIRST" which outlines the expectations for each assignment that particular week. Please 
remember that these assignments are OPTIONAL and UNGRADED, but they will help you continue to practice the skills that we have gone over this school year.

Office Hours: 
Thursdays 1:30-3pm

**During office hours, I will be available for immediate help via email. I may also schedule virtual meetings during these times. At all other times, I am still able to be reached by email, but may not respond right away.

Below are the topics we will review each week from now until the end of the school year. All lessons/activities will be posted in my "Work at Home" folder by 10 am on Tuesday of each school week.

Week 1: April 14-17 Genre identification/Connotation/Denotation 

Week 2: April 20-24 Figurative language & Extended metaphors/Imagery 

Week 3: April 27-May 1 Text features

Week 4: May 4-8 Author's Organizational Patterns 

Week 5: May 11-15 STAR writing-sentence types, parts of speech


Week 6: May 18-22 Elements of fiction: point of view, setting, character  

Week 7: May 26-29 Elements of fiction: conflict, plot, theme

Week 8: June 1-5 Main Idea & Summary

Week 9: June 8-12 Context Clues


Announcement 3/26/2020:

Students and Parents: Please see the Instructional Calendar located on the left-hand side of this page to view standards that we have completed through March 13th.

Other resources for working at home during the school closure can be accessed in the "Work at Home Links/Files" folders also located on the left hand side of this page.  The Work At Home Links folder has tons of links to websites/games to review what we have learned this year.  The files folder has documents/notes to complete any assignments you may still need to complete for any missing work.  Please see my announcement page for more details on particular third quarter work.

Please remember to read at least 20 minutes per day. Talk to a parent/sibling or journal about what you have read. View the "Middle Grades Book Titles" document to see my list of suggested authors/titles in the "Work at Home Files" folder.

Language Arts

Running Mickey      Class Description:  

The purpose of 7th grade language arts is to build upon and expand each student's abilities in the realms of reading, writing, research, and communication. Students will explore various fiction and nonfiction genres throughout the year while improving their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Instruction will also focus on developing students' skills in the narrative, persuasive and expository forms of writing. In addition, this class will provide students with opportunities to conduct research in conjunction with the library, as well as to prepare and deliver whole-class presentations. A final goal is for students to learn best practices for communicating effectively in small group discussions.


Class Schedule

1st Period   8:10-9:07 
2nd Period   9:09-10:06
3rd Period   10:08-11:06
4th Period   planning/meetings 
5th Period   planning/meetings 
6th Period 1:21-1:50 Team Time
7th Period   1:52-2:50  

**Need some extra help? 
See me anytime or send me an email.

Mrs. Champion's Email:

missed you emojiHave you missed a class?
If you have been absent, be sure to check the make-up work folder in Mrs. Champion's room for assignments you missed. Please make sure you get notes from your class period.


pencilClass Materials:  

1.  Pencil/Highlighter
2.  Agenda
3.  1 inch Binder
4.  Book to read
5.  Composition Notebook
   *Bring all of these to class every day!
6. red, blue, green, purple colored pencils

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