Hello Students and Parent(s);

I hope that everyone is safe, healthy, and taking care of one another.  Earlier in the year we talked about both the glows and grows of completing work online, otherwise known as Distance Learning.  We talked about the fact that you can complete many degree programs online, ranging from a high school degree to a doctorate.  I'm sure neither of us dreamed that we would be working  totally virtually for the remainder of this year.  Together we will make the best of this learning opportunity. 
On this messenger page to the left, you will see a link entitled USEFUL LINKS.  Click on the link, and then click on the black folder entitled Work from Home.  The folder contains Pre-SAT vocabulary to sustain you for the remainder of the year. Just like in the classroom, I plan on sending reminders via the communications feature in Student Vue, and some other surprises.  Stay tuned.

Mrs. Dawn Rutland