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    What to expect in 8th grade language arts:

    1) Writing. There will be some sort of writing done every day. This can take the form of grammar practice, planning, drafting, revising, editing or typing up a final ("Published") draft of an assignment. It can also be writing complex and compound sentences, or learning how to make a sentence more exciting. It may even just be using your knew knowledge to answer questions about something you are reading.

    2) You have 2 writing SOLs this year. One based on your grammar knowledge and how the English language works. One will be on how well you take your knowledge of the written word and can use it to compose a completed essay.

    3) Reading. Reading is going to spend a lot of time focused on non-fiction understanding. We will work with Articles of the Week to help us delve deeper into our non-fiction understanding using background knowledge, inference skills, determining importance and identifying key text structures. We will use this to help us explore the use of context clues and to build our vocabulary.

    4) Communication. We will look at all forms of communication and how to use each appropriately (written, spoken, read) as well as how to produce each type for use beyond the classroom.

    I look forward to seeing your growth in all of these areas this year.
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