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    This week has been very busy.  Students have a few activities that may be very helpful.  First is organize the binders.  In the previous entry I listed what was to be on each page.  There are extra copies in my "Files and Documents" tab.  Another great activity for 1st - 5th period is to review their notes and prepare for the test on Thursday.  They also have a Dialogue sheet to share and be signed by you.  6th period will get their dialogue sheet on Monday.  6th Period took their test today and I have posted the grades.  Students are welcome to retake any Standard.  Have a great weekend.
    Posted by armstrem  On Sep 21, 2018 at 4:12 PM
    My CONTACT ME link is up and running.  The district asks that you please contact me through my web page at that link. We have completed our third week of class.  This weekend there are two homework assignments.  The first is to hold a conversation between student and parent/guardian for Week 3 Life Science Dialogue. The second assignment is to brainstorm 5 problems we see in our day to day lives or list questions that can be answered doing experiments that you have always pondered.   Next week will be a busy week. A week from today will be our first test.  I will have quizizz codes and directions online shortly.  There will also be a review PowerPoint that you can turn into a game at home as well as a reteach sheet for each unit and your workbook textbooks.  If you need additional assistance please schedule to see me.  We will also be completing our understanding of variables and work on writing hypotheses. The project for this unit is the Science Fair Project. I will be introducing it next week, we will have a Science Fair Project in a Day activity the following week and then we will start to work on settling into projects. Have a great weekend!
    Posted by armstrem  On Sep 15, 2017 at 3:42 PM