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    We have completed our first week from break and have been working on DNA.  This unit that not only deals with DNA but genetics relates to wonderful topics for family discussions.  These include discussions on family history and geneology, gmo's and genetic modified organisms, cloning, and more.  As we enter a wold where we have begun to modify humans it is important to start the moral discussions of these topics at home.  Other interesting discussions include 23 and me and genetic testing done on infants for medical purposes. In class we will discuss what was the human genome project, what is a clone and how did the first scientist accomplish this in a sheep, what is a GMO and what are some arguments for and against, what is CRISPR and how did the first genetically modified human come to be as well as how do we predict the possibility of different traits and the genome project.  We will learn about Mendel and his peas and the history of the discovery of the shape of DNA. Last week, amongst all the snow days, we learned the shape of DNA, What the letters in DNA stand for and what makes up the strand of DNA.  We reviewed how Chromosomes are made of DNA and that a section represents a gene.  The gene is code for a specific trait. Students have been givien there vocabulary and should be working on them at home.  We are also on oue last weeks of working on the science fair projects. Last friday the graph, data table and results paragraphs were due.  Before break, students were given aids, a demonstration, and class time (including this past Thursday) to work on their projects.  This Friday, the rough draft for the conclusion paragraph is due.  The firnal report is to be typed, printed and submited on January 24th.  In addition, retakes for standards 9 and 10 must be completed by Friday.  Please email me if you have any questions.
    Posted by armstrem  On Jan 13, 2020 at 5:39 AM
    All grades are final this Friday, June 1st.  The Final Exam is Wednesday and there will not be retakes. To help you study I have provided Quizizz codes.Below are codes to play review Quizizzes.  Join at  Cells 165424, Scientific Investigations 083451, evolution 376672, Genetics and DNA 150432, Cell Processes 851348, Ecology 839750, Classification 610537, and Biomes 713024. You may also use all of your review packets and the crossword we went over today.  On Thursday we will be going over background for the squid dissection and the squid dissection will be Friday if behavior permits. 
    Posted by armstrem  On May 29, 2018 at 12:34 PM