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    All grades are final this Friday, June 1st.  The Final Exam is Wednesday and there will not be retakes. To help you study I have provided Quizizz codes.Below are codes to play review Quizizzes.  Join at  Cells 165424, Scientific Investigations 083451, evolution 376672, Genetics and DNA 150432, Cell Processes 851348, Ecology 839750, Classification 610537, and Biomes 713024. You may also use all of your review packets and the crossword we went over today.  On Thursday we will be going over background for the squid dissection and the squid dissection will be Friday if behavior permits. 
    Posted by armstrem  On May 29, 2018 at 12:34 PM
    This week we should be reviewing for the Ecology test, Final Exam and working on our final projects.  The Ecology test is Friday for the students who have not already taken it.  I will be passing out the review sheet today for any student who did not pick it up earlier.  I am out of the building tomorrow and Thursday.  The sub has review activities for the students to work on.  I have set up a Quizizz code for review.  To join the game go to and use the code 819879.  The Final Exam is Wednesday after Memorial Day May 30th.  Students should use all previous review sheets to study.  The test will cover standard 1-23 and there are no retakes for this exam.  It will count as a single test grade. As we ae getting down to the wire I have made an adjustment to make it a little easier since I have many students who will not make their final projects in time.  I am going to average all the smaller projects/activities with the final larger project.  Point wise this means that students who did all the required activities leading to the test will have a B for their Project Grades.  Those that do the final project will have the opportunity for an A.  Students are welcome to continue working on these projects until June 1st.  ALL assignments are final at that point including retakes. Look on my web page fur further resources and information. Have a great week.
    Posted by armstrem  On May 22, 2018 at 5:28 AM
    The school year is running out fast.  We have but four short weeks left.  This week students should be completing standard 23 activities, reviewing and maybe even taking their unit test on Ecology.  Next week, they would then be working on their Ecology culminating project.  All students who have not taken the Ecology test previously will take the test on May 25th.  We will also do some review next week for the Final Exam.  The Tuesday we return from Memorial Day weekend we will continue to review for the Final Exam.  All students will take the final Exam on Wednesday, May 30th.  That Friday, June 1st , we will be dissecting a squid.  Please make sure students are not wearing their best clothes and that anyone with long hair has means to tie it back.  No open toed shoes will be allowed that day.  During the last week of school we have field day, a field trip and a couple other activities planned.  Before we know it we will be waving goodbye. Have a great week.
    Posted by armstrem  On May 15, 2018 at 5:34 AM
    Ecology Unit Individual Plan.docx Classification Essay Option 1 .docx Good morning, We have begun our last unit. Students are working on this unit more independently.  They were given a sheet that had both the standards and targets on one side and a breakdown of what they need to accomplish with the name of the choices for different assignments on the other. We do some assignments together.  At this point your student should have finished their vocabulary (Pretest, vocab sheets, vocab activity and vocab test).  They may retake the vocab test if they do not have an A.  Many of the assignments are on my web page in Files and documents and many more will be up by Tuesday.  By the last week of May, they will need to have the unit complete including a project and test.  We will be having a final exam that Friday June 1st. This will cover standards 1-23.  Grades in parent portal should be up to date. The final grades will be submitted that day as well.  In addition, many students have not submitted their essay exam for the previous unit or retaken their tests for standards 17 and 18.  There is still time to do this. If you have any questions, please email me.  Have a great weekend.   Mrs. Armstrong
    Posted by armstrem  On Apr 28, 2018 at 5:16 AM