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    Last week we worked on the works cited page of our project and went over the diagram for how to write the research paper.  A typed cover page, table of contents, research paper and works cited page are due after Thanks Giving Break.  This is not homework for the break but if it is best for your family then you have that time.  Assignments may be submitted early.  I will not except them via email.  They may be printed in the library if you do not have a printer. This week we started our unit on cell processes. We focused this week on Osmosis and diffusion.  The PowerPoint we used is in my files and documents.  In addition to teaching students cellular processes, this unit touches on some of the health issues that Americans are facing today, namely diabetes and high blood pressure. Students will gain an understanding of osmosis and diffusion, but also an appreciation for what their bodies do for them every day. To do this, students have been assigned to write a children's book for a child who is undergoing dialysis or has a close family member who is undergoing dialysis. The assignment asks them to explain dialysis using and defining the terms osmosis and diffusion.  We will complete the assignment next week.  If you are going on vacation you may either turn it in early or you may hand it in when you return.  After Thanks giving break we will study photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  Then we will take a test before moving on to cell reproduction (mitosis and meiosis).
    Posted by armstrem  On Nov 16, 2017 at 9:23 AM