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  • Week of 5/4 
    Hello, everybody!  Here is a copy of what I posted on Teams this week:

    8th Grade:

    Good morning! I'm thinking about what to keep going with this week, and originally I was going to assign an exploration to you all but most of you have not yet completed the activity from last week.  If you did, I sent you feedback and I'm loving the projects you've created!  So here's the deal:
    If you completed last week's project, start a new EXPLORATION this week.  Choose a project type you haven't done yet, go to the Assignments tab, and find the Exploration assignment for that type.  
    If you did not complete last week's project, that should be your focus.  Email it to me when it's complete.  And remember, the checklists and rubrics are in the tab above labeled "Checklists & Rubrics." Use the checklist to guide you and use the rubric to double-check that it has everything it needs.

    6th and 7th Grade:

    In lieu of assigning a project or activity this week, I'm going to be hosting a game during Office Hours on Friday!  We'll be playing a game called Lie Swatter!  (In Lie Swatter, players are given a fact and must quickly decide if it’s True or a Lie. Get it wrong and the bug gets squashed! But get it right…and the bug also gets squashed, but you get points. Up to 100 players can drop in and out at any time, even after the game has already started.)
    Meet me on Zoom on Friday to play a game with us! 6th grade: 12:00; 7th grade: 12:30
    In the meantime, here are some more NearPod codes for practicing your typing skills:
    JKL Keys: NQBUT
    J to H Keys: ATNVY
    F to G Keys: OQVIS
    (Optional) Home Row Practice: ZCNAW

    ***Zoom links and codes/passwords are on each class's Teams page for privacy
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