Gainesville Middle School

  • Week of 4/27 
    This week, I posted announcements about my chance in Office Hours format, so please be sure to read those.

    For this week, this was what was posted on Teams for all students:

    8th Graders: 
    Last week, I gave everybody the task of choosing a new project type and getting to work.  Just like in school, I'm giving you two weeks to complete the project.  When you're done, you can just email it to me!  I'm excited to see what you all come up with!
    For more details, just take a look at what I posted last week.

    6th and 7th Graders:

    This week's lesson focuses on a skill: Touch Typing!  You'll go through a series of Nearpods that will introduce the skill of Touch Typing and then give you opportunities to practice.  At the end, you can submit a reflection.
    1.  Nearpod: The Importance of Touch Typing - CODE: EJXYD
    2.  Nearpod: Proper Posture While Typing - CODE: YWCKD
    3.  Nearpod: Learning ASDF Keys - CODE: HWFVD
    4.  (Optional) Nearpod: Learning JKL Keys - CODE: NQBUT
    5.  When finished, practice your typing skills by going to the "Assignments" tab here and going to the "Typing Reflection" assignment.
    6. Optional: also post a reflection on Flipgrid:
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