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    This past week we finished up on Science Investigations and we are starting cells.  I have named this unit Mission to Mars.  We looked last Friday into the history of space missions both in and out of the United States.  Our essential question we are looking at is, If we are looking for life on other planets and into the universe, how do we identify and determine whether something is alive?  I want students to see that their is a mission to be living on the moon as they finish high school and going to Mars as they go to and finish college or shortly after.  I want them to see how not only can we use the information here on earth, bu that we are taking that information to understand the universe we live in beyond our planet. Form here we reviewed what living things needed and continued to work on developing our small groups or teams.  Yesterday we started to discuss what the characteristics of life are.  We found that defining life is not a single statement but that it takes several characteristics.  Throughout this year we will see how different organisms meet the criteria for being alive in different ways.  In this unit we will focus on how life is made up of one or more cells.  Students were also given an opportunity to learn how to use Edpuzzle.  There will be a few assignments that will be Edpuzzle assignments.  Edpuzzle is an app that had assigned videos I give where the student watches and then answers questions.  The videos include the closed caption and can be rewatched as many times as they need before answering the questions.  These can be for 10% grades but should be fairly high grades since they can return again and again.  They are also not limited to just the video and could open another tab to find the necessary information. Last week we did a practice one on git and one on space for homework they had on the cell theory.   In regard to homework, they need to finish the cell Theory Edpuzzle they were assigned last week by tomorrow night. We will be using this for a small project. Another older assignment is the Fish lab project.  They will need to complete the rough draft this week.  They were given time in class.  They will do the final draft at home.  I am correcting the rough drafts, so students know what they need to fix.  They are welcome to ask me or email me any question they may have regarding this assignment.  The final draft is due next Wednesday. The test has been returned, grades are adjusted online and students who want to retake have until next week to complete the retake.  They need to show me their completed workbook, the review sheet, and their vocabulary. Students also have a new workbook assignment.  They need to work on Chapter 4 (lessons 1&2).  The vocabulary will be distributed shortly. The workbook and vocabulary are due before we review for the test.  This should around October 25th.
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