Gainesville Middle School

  • Week of May 26th 
    Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all the families that have members who have faught for us in the past and have moved on. 

    This week we are looking at evolution.  One of the key concepts of this unit was discovering how natural selection worked.  The other key concept was looking into the proof that scientists use to support their claim on the theory of Evolution.  For this week’s activities, again first watch the background PowerPoint as a refresher as well as extension of what we learned.  Then you will have three choices. The first is a bunny activity, the second is a cricket comic on evolution.  The third is a lab that you look at a spreadsheet of real data collected on remains of the different organisms over time. You will learn how to take that data and place it in a more usable data table and then answer a question about biodiversity.  Biodiversity is a term that represents how different all the life forms are on earth as well as how many. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.  Have a great week!
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