Gainesville Middle School

  • Week of April 27th 

    Hello everyone and hope you are doing well. This week we will be working on cell structure and cell theory.  I will be hosting a Zoom this week.  Please check your emails later this week for your time and codes.  I will be dividing up the classes with when they are to meet.  As part of the zoom we will be doing a Kahoot review.  For this to work you will need access to 2 internet devices.  This is just an option and not required. The Zoom will also not be 90 minutes so you will need to choose one of the other activities. It is part of the choices you have for this week.  There are three other options, 3D Cell Model, Cell Amusement Park and Cell Theory Timeline. If you had chosen one of these in the past choose a different activity.  Before you Zoom or work on any of the choices please review the content PowerPoints for this week.  Take care and hope to see you Thursday.

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