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  • April 16th Meeting Recap 

    I wanted to say it was good to see so many yesterday.  I did not see everyone, even all those that had been able to join us.  It just isn’t the same as being in the classroom and there were so many more of you. When I try this type of activity again it will be on a smaller scale which should help.  I also want to do more interactive activities where there is more than just me talking. I did want to write out what we talked about yesterday for those who were unable to make it or if you forget. 

    The first part that we went over yesterday was etiquette in virtual learning spaces.  The 5 SCORE Behaviors we addressed was be on time, stay muted until called on, raise your hand so that I can know you want to be called on, be courteous and respectful to all (for that is the Gainesville Way!), and Do not take pictures of the meeting.  During our meeting students struggled with the second behavior.  It was disruptive yesterday when students unmuted to make a loud noise or share their radio.  I understand that you want and need to talk and see friends.  We need to put our heads together to find a way so that can be met.  However, when teachers are giving important information this makes it difficult.  We do not know what the future will bring. For many different reasons there could be virtual learning in your future and being able to handle yourself appropriately is essential. 

    Next, I answered a few questions.  The questions that I received can be answered on the commonly asked questions on the district web page.  The first was when can we get into the school to get out stuff.  At this point we have not been given a date.  The principle can only go in to collect mail.  No one knows for sure when we will be let in again.  Teachers, including myself, would also like to get in.  We just have to wait.  Health and safety come first. We also must wait for instructions for library books and instruments. The second question was are we going to have any grades for quarter 4? We will not.  The last day to submit grades will be next Friday, April 24th.  Then this year’s grades will be the average of quarters 1-3.  Students will be moving on to the next grade.

    Then I discussed the plan for the next several weeks.  On Mondays, I will be uploading assignments into teams and the “Work from Home” folder in my Files and Documents. I will place a set of instructions on my main web page.  In teams open the assignments or the channel of the correct week to locate the assignments.  There will be a PowerPoint for most weeks to review the key ideas.  Then there will be a choice of a couple different activities. You should only work for 90 minutes and this includes the PowerPoint if you choose to use it. At the end of each week email me your work or summary of activities you did, I would love to hear about it. Some of the assignments have rubrics so that you know how it would be graded if it were receiving a grade. Our class timeslot is for Thursdays from 10-1130 but this does not always work for everyone.  That is why we are providing the assignments at the beginning of the week.

    It is important to keep up with your schoolwork for many reasons even though it is optional.  We talked about habits this year.  In those discussions we spoke about our dreams and aspirations.  We talked about how we have to begin with the end in mind, what we want to do with our lives, and then put first things first and set our goals.  We also discussed how hard it is to change a habit. When we go back to school in the fall this will be very difficult. In addition, we know that over the summer we tend to forget some of what we learned.  If we stop doing schoolwork or did when we first got out this extended the summer by quite a bit meaning that you will be further behind.  The seventh-grade science department is trying to put together activities that are not straight worksheets so that they are more enjoyable, yet have you work on the material.  If you have a different project for science that you want to do, please tell me about what you did. Leanring how to use teams and the online tools are another way to gain job skills for the future.  Many of my friends and my husband use teams in their careers.  Another good skill you could work on is tyoing,  I have heard alot of good reveiws of the app but there are many good typing apps out there that are free.

    Next week is Earth Week.  Earth Day is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. A couple of the options will need you to go outside.  If you choose one of these options, make sure you have your parents’ permission, maintain social distancing, and follow state and local ordinances.  Most of these have already been placed in the folders so that I could demonstrate where they can be found.

    I will have office hours on Tuesdays from 12 – 130 and will be available to chat on Teams.  I will also be checking my email occasionally. If you decide to work on your workbook or have a science question about a different topic than what we are working on that week, please still ask.  If there is something you did not understand this year and still need help this is the time to get help. All the topics we discussed will come up again in high school much less your SOL next year. 

    I know this was a lot of information and made a very long email. Most of all I need you to take care of yourselves and your families. If you have a question or concern, please reach out.  Make this experience as positive as you can.  Miss everyone.

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