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  • April 16th Meeting 

    Reminder that today we will be having our meeting at 10:00 on Zoom. The link and password were sent in a previous email. In the faculty meeting and meetings my children have had in zoom this week there have been some connection issues.  Please be patient and everyone will do their best.  If you are unable to attend, that is okay. I will post the key points of the meeting on my main web page and you are welcome to email me with questions  or chat with me in teams during my office ours on Tuesday.  When you do join any virtual meeting for Gainesville Middle School we do ask that you follow the guidance on attached poster.  We will be looking at how our class will look for the next couple of weeks, where to access materials and more. I look forward to seeing everyone.

    Virtual Meeting SCORE Behaviors 1. Be on time ☺ 2. Stay muted until I unmute you or ask a question. 3. To speak: Use the chat feature, raise your hand, or otherwise signal you have something to say! 4.Be courteous and respectful (for that is the Gainesville Way!) 5.Do not take pictures of the meeting
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