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  • Week of Sept. 16 Reflection and Science Fair 

    In class this week we worked on the steps in the scientific method and identifying variables in experiments.  We also practiced writing hypotheses and scientific questions.  All classes have started the Fish Lab Project for this unit.  The final project will count for 3 90% grades each for a different standard. Third period worked on graphs as well and will have their test on Monday.  I have emailed the review sheets answers for practice.  Please remember that all students have the study packet that has sheets for the whole year to study from that should be at home. The packet is also available online in my files and documents.  In addition, I have posted a Quizizz code to help prepare for the test as well.  First, second, and seventh period will continue with graphs as well as work on their projects next week.  We will have their test on the following Wednesday October 2nd.  On Friday September 7 students will be having a lesson by the counseling department and the following Monday we will be in the library to learn about the resources the library has as well as how to use them.  Students were the proposal form for the science fair project.  I ask that they try to come in by Wednesday.  It may take more time than this.  If they have at least the front page and a discussion with you about the topics they are looking into for their projects that will be very helpful.  Students must have a parent or guardian approval before I will sign off on a project, however I will assign a topic if they do not get a proposal in by November 1st. For this project students should be looking at a problem to solve and questions they have.  They are looking at what effect a change has on something.  Therefore, crafts such as the volcano and the activity of making the fruit and vegetable clocks are not acceptable. In addition, we do not accept brand testing or mold and bacteria projects.  The latter is for safety. We also ask that students do not make crystals for these projects often fall apart.  Furthermore, when considering projects, one must understand that students must do multiple trials. In regard to plants, if they do the minimum of 4 independent variables, they will need 25 plants.  I would suggest germinating part of a bag of beans from the grocery store to keep the budget in check.  Students will need a tri-fold board but not until January. Please email me if you have any questions.  As I told the students, the idea is what is most important. I will post past ideas in the files and documents section of my web page.  Students were told not to do an experiment idea they find online, but rather to  come up with a new idea or tweak the idea to make the idea their own.

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