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The first meeting of the club will be on Thursday, October 3. Please be sure to fill out the Sign-up form here.

The club meets weekly on Thursdays after the start date.
If we do not have school or we leave early there will be no club. 
If there are sports try outs (January 20-24 and March 23-27), there will be no club meeting that week as the buses don't leave till 5:15.
There are no club meetings on December 5 or March 26.
Our last meeting May 21.

Are you ready for adventure?  Are you ready to be the heroes of the realm?  Are you ready to explore fantastic locations?  If so, you need to join the Dungeons and Dragons club. 

Please be aware that students are required to have their permission form in before they attend their first meeting.  Students may join at anytime during the year!

We play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragon.  The basic version is available from Wizards of the Coast.  These same rules can be accessed online at multiple sites, Open5e is one such site.  We do not require that you buy dice, we have some you can burrow.  We also do not expect students to come with a knowledge of the rules, we will teach them as we play.

Our club meets every Thursday that we are in school.  There is one Thursday per quarter when sports tryouts takes place.  We do not meet on sports tryout days due to late buses not leaving until 5:15 p.m.