Inventory Reduction sale at GVMS Theatre Arts Dept.

When: Thur. Feb. 27 from 3:00-6:00 PM

Where: Gainesville Middle School for the Arts & Sciences

(Girls Locker Room; enter through DOOR #3)

8001 Limestone Drive, Gainesville, VA 20155

What: Costumes & accessories

Why: Because we’re busting at the seams!


Payment: CASH ONLY

 Here is just a sampling with the price list:

Costumes for Little Mermaid, Annie, Mulan

Outerwear Coats $5    Furs: slightly higher

Suit coats/Blazers $3

Dresses: $5

Shirts: $2     Scarves: $1-$2

Pants: $2……Skirts:  $2

Gowns: $5     Wedding Dresses: Slightly higher

Fabric: Priced by the piece

Band uniforms – FREE    Props: priced per piece

Hats (classic to Kentucky Derby worthy) - $1-$4

Sizes from Child to Adult

Everything from vintage to current costume pieces!

The more you buy the better the prices!

Great ideas for Halloween and Theatre costuming! 


Feel free to send us a list of your wants and we can tell you if we have anything to suit your needs.


Peggy Hyde -       OR       Stacey Pannebecker -

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Crew meeting for "Frozen, Jr" will be Thur. Jan. 23rd from 3:00-3:45. Students MUST have a ride home and MUST attend this meeting to be considered for a position on the Crew. 

Welcome to the Drama Club!

The club IS the cast and crew of the current play we are working on. To be in the cast for one of our plays, students should memorize a one -minute monologue and perform that during the audition. Dates for auditions are announced at school for a week before the auditions take place. We present two plays a year. The Fall play auditions mid-September and the Spring Musical will audition just before the Winter Break. Rehearsals will start the first week students come back after the break. Normally we rehearse Mon., Wed, & Fri. from 3:00-5:00 every week for almost three months to prepare for the performances. There are performances on Thursday, Friday, & two on Saturday of the performance week. Rehearsals are in the Drama Room at GVMS or Chorus Room for the musical.


The Crew is a group of students who perform various duties during the last few rehearsals and ALL performances of the play.  There are makeup, lighting, sound, set, curtain, costume, and props crews. Students are trained to perform their duties and do not need to have prior knowledge of that area. Announcements are made sometime after the cast is chosen but well before the production for anyone interested in being on Crew for the plays. Students must attend a meeting and the Crew will be selected from those who attend that meeting.


If you or your parents have any other questions, please feel free to email either Mrs. Hyde or Mrs. Pannebecker.