Welcome to Health and Physical Education!!

My Email is garrisjm@pwcs.edu  

Update: 6/8/2020

New Assignment posted: Please go to Work at Home folder and look for GVMS Work at Home June 8 to June 12 file to view your weekly assignments.

There will be 4 activities assigned a week. You may choose to do them all during our designated time on Monday’s from 8:30-10:00 am or you can choose to spread them out during the week.

Activity 1 – will always be TABATA and Cardiovascular Endurance (just like our normal PE routine)

Health Reading Assignment – There will be an article or PowerPoint for you to read through which reviews topics from health class.

Activity 2 – will vary each week from a dance, to an activity, to a fitness exercise.

Health Writing Assignment – This will vary from a journal activity, to answering questions, to working on an assignment (poster, pamphlet, etc.).


If you have any questions office hours will be every Thursday
from 12:00 – 1:30pm

Miss seeing you each day! 

Class Description and Goals

Gainesville Middle School's Vision for Physical Education is to develop Active, Healthy, and Achieving Students.

Class Materials

*All students will need workout gear on a daily basis.
*Students can bring in their own work out gear but I ask that it stays consistent. Ex- Same navy blue shirt and same black mesh shorts every day for PE class.
*All students need proper footwear. Ex- shoes that tie with a rubber sole.
*If students would like to purchase a lock for their locker it is $1 for the year. Combinations will be written inside student’s agenda. Locking their lockers is their personal responsibility. GVMS is not responsible for any unlocked items.
*More information is available in the course syllabus located under the FILES and DOCUMENTS link on the left side of this page.

Class Schedule

1st Period 8:10-9:01
2nd Period 9:03-9:54

4th Period 11:08-11:58
5th Period 12:00-12:50

6th Period 1:10-1:58
7th Period 2:01-2:50