Mrs. Armstrong

Hello Students and Families! 

I miss all of you and hope you are all doing well.

Virtual Meeting SCORE Behaviors 1. Be on time ☺ 2. Stay muted until I unmute you or ask a question. 3. To speak: Use the chat feature, raise your hand, or otherwise signal you have something to say! 4.Be courteous and respectful (for that is the Gainesville Way!) 5.Do not take pictures of the meeting
All students are to show SCORE behavior at all times in all that they do. I will be posting the assignments for the week here, Teams and in the Blog. 

Content Covered

Our class has completed standards 1-15.  We were working on standards 16-18 right before we left school. This means that we had not covered standards 19-23.  Much of these standards we had hinted at throughout the year as well as much has been covered in the past. 

Passion Project

In team-time, I had discussed starting a passion project.  This is a project that you work on that you have always wanted to do.  Examples include but are not limited starting to learn a new language, designing and building something, try a new hobby.  I will be creating a folder in my files and documents to assist with what to do.  The most important is to first figure out what you want to do and how to get the resources to make it happen. Please have a discussion with your parent or guardian about your decision. I will be deciding on a method for us to share all that we have done. Students who have participated in the padlet should go back to read responses and respond to other students. Thank you for your efforts.  I cannot wait to see what you all come up with.