The latest match-ups in the Greatest American tournament have been added under the Work From Home file - check it out!! 

Last Call - Missing work or re-takes:  Any missing work or quiz re-takes need to be done by Friday, April 24th.  Upon looking at the grade book, several of you are missing the "fakebook" profile from the 1920's-30's Unit.  I have added the directions and a template to the "Work From Home" Folder.  Please e-mail me with completed assignments, or you can share them on One Drive if you complete them on there. 

Thanks!  -Mr. Ball

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OFFICE HOURS: Hello all!  Just FYI, my office hours where I will be able to be reached instantly by email or able to catch up by Microsoft Teams will be on Wednesdays from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm.  

Online textbooks are available for access!  In order to get the login for the online textbook, you will need to go to Microsoft Teams.  Teams is located in OneDrive.  Once you click on Teams, look for the social studies class with my name on it.  The login info will be there for you to access the textbook!

Hello Students!  Hopefully everyone is doing well and staying safe!  Starting this week, I will be putting weekly activities in the “Work From Home” Folder on this site.  Please be aware that these activities are OPTIONAL. 

Also, these activities will NOT be taken for a grade!  The materials will be from previous units, all the way through the beginning of World War II that we had just covered.  You can use them as a chance to review and enrich the things we have already learned, or just find out some new stuff that may be interesting!  To find out all the topics we have already covered during the year, check out the Social Studies 7 - calendar.

Miss you guys!

-Mr. Ball


Students - work at home folder will be available starting next week, 3-23-20.  Check back for World War II activities and review work!
-Mr. Ball

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Mr. Ball

U.S. History

Room 1311


Hello Students and Parents!

I am Mr. Ball, 7th grade social studies teacher on Team Enterprise!
I am in my 13th year teaching here at fabulous Gainesville Middle School,  I currently reside in Nokesville with my wife and dog Penny.  Here's hoping everyone has a fun and exciting year!


Daily Schedule:

1st Period: 8:10-9:07 2nd Period: 9:09 - 10:06 3rd Period: 10:08-11:06

4th Period: Planning

5th Period: Planning Team Time: 12:52-1:21

7thth Period: 1:52 - 2:50

Materials Needed

-  3 ring binder, 1 1/2 Inches or larger
- colored pencils
- glue