FRANÇAIS I                                                                                       

Madame Hyde                                                                                  

Course Description

In French I, students begin to develop communicative competence in French and begin to explore the cultures of francophone countries. Communicative competence is divided into three strands:

Interpersonal speaking and writing as interactive processes in which students learn to communicate with another French speaker

  • Interpretive listening and reading as receptive processes in which students develop comprehension of French
  • Presentational speaking and writing in which students focus on organization of thoughts and awareness of their audience in delivering information.

In French I classes, students learn to communicate in real-life contexts about topics that are meaningful to them. To develop students’ communicative competence, emphasis is placed on use of French in the classroom as much as possible and on use of authentic materials to learn about the language and culture. Grammar is integrated into instruction according to the vocabulary and structures needed in the various situations in which students are required to communicate. Through the language learning process, students develop a greater understanding of the structure of their own language and the unique aspects of their own culture.

Grading Policy

Grades are calculated in terms of percentage. Each assignment will be part of one of the following categories:

 Tests, Projects, Presentations:  90%

Quizzes, Mini Projects, Classwork, Homework: 10%


***Note: Common Benchmark tests for PWCS at the end of the grading period WILL NOT be eligible to be retaken. All other assessments may be retaken one time on the designated date ONLY, within 2 weeks of the original assessment date.

Classroom Guidelines

Your role as a French student is to do your best, participate in class, practice as much as possible outside the classroom, and abide by the PWCS Code of Behavior and Honor Code.  Learning is the primary focus. Below are some keys to success in a World Language classroom.

  • Attend class regularly
  • Arrive on time with all class materials
  • Be prepared to participate
  • Abide by due dates
  • Refer to rubrics when provided
  • Complete make-up work on time
  • Study for tests and quizzes
  • Be proactive-- seek help when needed
  • Value class time

Assignments and Late Work

It is important that projects are turned in on time.

Plagiarism/Cheating Policy

Students are responsible for neither giving nor receiving assistance (written, oral, or otherwise) on any assignment to be graded as the work of a single individual. Students are responsible for giving due recognition of sources from which material is quoted, summarized, or paraphrased. This includes persons who have provided the student assistance. Plagiarism is a serious offense and will be treated accordingly.

Using an online translator for any assignment that is graded is considered plagiarism.


Students need a three-ring binder with dividers for French class.  It is to be divided into the following


Class Notes, Classwork, Quizzes/Tests, Handouts

Students should bring their binder and the following items to every French class: loose-leaf paper, blue/black pen, sharpened pencil with eraser and DRY ERASE MARKERS. We use these often.

Often, students or parents ask about whether they should purchase a French/English dictionary. It is useful especially if the student doesn’t have access to the internet regularly. Any basic paperback one will do. I do recommend students use as an online dictionary. It has many useful features that I will show students in class.

It is important for teachers, parents, and students to work together.  I have reviewed the syllabus, expectations, and class policies with your student.  Please read it carefully and contact me with any questions.


Madame Hyde